Easter Eggs: Have You Been Given One Or Bought Yourself One?

If you were given one or bought one, what have you got?

If you haven't got one, would you have liked dark or milk chocolate?

Sweeties inside?

Posh one eg Lindt or cheap and cheerful, like Smarties?

Craving one which comes with a free mug?

If it has been a few years since you had an Easter egg, which ones did you like best when you were a kid?
I got bugger all as always, just happy to get one when I was kid tbh.
Oh, that sounds so sad!

I think it's down to the shops for you tomorrow, WreckerL. Get the egg of your choice (perhaps c/w mug). Suggest getting a girlie type egg as well for some brownie points ...
I'm waiting until Easter is over and done with, then I shall procede to the nearest
big shop and buy all the left over f***ing Easter Eggs for a fraction of their normal cost.
I'll then wait until I am back on shift - bring 'em all in to work and yaffle just-gone-
past-sell-by-date chocolate until I am violently sick.


In 2005, a Belgian city entered the Guinness Book of Records creating the Largest Easter Egg ever. The Belgian chocolate producer Guylian made the chocolate egg with at least 50,000 bars. The egg measured 8.32 metres high, beating the previous record made in Kwazulu-Natal, South-Africa in 1996. Twenty-six craftsman worked altogether 525 hours to build the egg. They used 1950 kg (4300 lb) of chocolates.

8.World's+Largest+Easter+Egg.jpg (image)
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Well i have only just got in to my house after a bank holiday big lads session of binge drinking free for all, and i have quite a collection of easter eggs if i may say so, i shall list them in order of personal preference;

1. Lindt
2.Dairy milk caramel
4.aero (including cup)
5.mini egg

And an extra prezzie off the bird which is a cup with a fit model on the front and when you apply the hot water for a nice cup of tea her kit comes off and her female assets are visible for all to see. GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY!! HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY ALL.
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