Easter Caption


"... then you hold it like this and jerk your hand up and down really quickly".

Yes, I know. I'm going to hell. :biggrin:

Edited to add: Feel free to put your own Easter pic and caption up in here; the more the merrier :dwarf:

"You want this job??? Well Sonny-Jim,
let me tell you about this job. They
elect you when you're about 50, they
keep you in the bloody job until you
DIE...s'right - no pension, no retirement
plan, no golden bloody handshake and
bleedin' carriage clock...ohhh no!. Then,
that's it mate...game over!! So - you still
up for it eh??"

Ah bless you God, a sea of little boys in the Holy See! Now which one of you would like to see my bedroom.....

PS: As an ex-Catholic I excommunicated myself YEARS ago! :w00t:
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