Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Richie, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Jesus watched Eastenderts for a long time (usally I elect to do the dishes) -even "Stephen" is a woofter - too much exposure, us hetrosexuals" are loosing the the plot, every frigging channel you watch some bleeding shirt lifter is "outed". Rearly pissed off.
  2. Stacy's fit though.

    And Tania :D
  3. Christ! I didn't realise it had been going for that long!

  4. Dam right get these bloody queers off our screens, legal but not compulsory, and I certianly dont want it rammed down my throat !!!!
  5. Totally blows a hole in the myth of "the cheerful Cockney sparrer", don't it ? Never seen so many miserable, backstabbing barstewards in all me life - and I lived and worked in the Smoke for 14 years.....
  6. Hmmm but it's alright for the telebox to ram heterosexuality down people's throat day after day. Remember that gay people pay their license fee as well, so having a couple of people "represent" them on "Eastenders" is no big thing really. I mean, look at all the straight characters on the show that ram their sexuality down our throats, Jack doing Roxy, Ronnie and soon to be Tania by the look of things. Max doing Tania and Stacey, and I don't want to even think about Ian Beale doing Jane......<shudder>.
    Each to their own I say, personally I find watching heterosexuals kissing etc on tv a turns my stomach, but I don't harp on about it, it's part of life and gay people are too.
    After all, there are plenty of other programmes to watch or even the "off" button if you're really that upset by it.
  7. You have to thank heterosexuals for your existence.
    I believe that Homosexuals on the box are vastly over represented, daytime TV is over run by them.
    Now Colin Jackson, is he gay? He has certainly become very camp over the years, or is he just trying to keep his position.
  8. Here we go again.
  9. But they do :thumright:
  10. OK your turn in the barrel
  11. Two's up!!.......
  12. Just heard on Radio Newcastle morning local news that we have a North Eastern Gay Football league.This poofter came on the radio promoting this really important piece of news at 0800 in the morning, he sounded really proud of himself Always ramming their lifestlye down our throats..... Stop press at 1003, the "news" item has just been repeated....... they hope to join the premier league in September 2008.
  13. Right, that's it. I'm going to start a "Humber & District Catholic River Wideners Club" football league. Who's in?! Minorities RULE! :afro:
  14. Sorry Slim, but I am a lesbian - I LOVE WOMEN. :thumright:
  15. Get back in that barrel, theres lots of gay sailors waiting their turn :thumright:
  16. Yes both of my parents were heterosexual, my brother and sister are both heterosexual too. I just happen to be born gay. It's no big deal. All those people who seem to have such a problem with homosexuals should remember "if you breed, you may have a gay one". After all, as you pointed out Slim, we owe our existence to heterosexuals. How many of you would disown a son or daughter because of something they have no control over?
  17. Sorry Slim, but since being in that barrel for the past 2 days I am now unable to sit down comfortably without a cold cushion. :)
  18. The thread was started by someone complaining about the number of Homosexuals portrayed on television. It was not about homosexuals in general.
    In all honesty in it's bid to be PC the television channels are going over the top with the number of homosexual actors and mincing presenters currently on our screens.
    The government may have legalised homosexuality, how long before they make it compulsory?
  19. I refer back to my comment about us paying the same licence fee as everyone else. As a licence fee payer I am pleased to see my fellow gay citizens portrayed on television (albeit badly at times by clearly straight actors). On that thought, it's akin to the old black and white minstrels, white guys playing black guys, badly! Or perhaps some of our members feel there are too many black people being portrayed in tv too... :lol:
  20. You hit the nail on the head there, percentage wise the number of non whites on TV is far too high. Many are fantastic and a joy to watch, others seem to have been given their places in an act of retribution for slavery and to placate the PC brigade.
    As for non poofs playing poofs, are you sure they ain't real poofs?

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