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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by smeeg, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, before i'm shot i'm aware of the existing thread, just wasn't very helpful and about 4 years old.
    Heard the other day that you can do your cat B licenses at St. Athen whilst still serving...
    It's something i'm fairly sure i want to do, its just that leap of faith moment right now, don't want to run out the front gate and be begging to get back in a month later.
    i've been researching it all rather casually and think i should proooobably pull my finger out now..
    ( not expecting you guys to do my bidding but some experiences of those that have left and succeeded /failed would be most useful) :slow:
  2. I got some info from ICAT at Barry College. They are ELCAS registered too. I haven't started them yet, I will wait until September to see what comes of the redundancies.
  3. Are these the licences you have to have to do a similar job to AET in a civvy aviation firm? or have i got it wrong.
  4. yeppers. Think i'm gonna hold fire and get some experience up and then let the RN pay for it out of resettlement....
  5. if would be so kinda could you give me a quick run down on how it works? or is it far to complicated.
  6. Licences are not a pre-requesite for working on civvy aircraft, we have loads of un-licenced engineers here (at least 10 ex matelots). They will in the long run get you a higher paid job but you have to get the experience. Civvy aircraft maintainance is a whole different ball game. Mechs will be expected to have a good understanding of sheet metal/composites repairs, something that the average AEM/T does not do regulary.

    Be aware that licences also have a time limit and the clock starts ticking when you do you first exam. I went down the aircraft design route, and managed to secure a decent job with a HNC and 23 years military aircraft experience.
  7. If you don't mind me asking where are you working and what does your job entail, JFH?
  8. I was quite surprised when I visited Hurn airport a few years back, when being shown round a couple of hangers I was shocked to see Tiff's and Mech's I had served with doing work on civvy aircraft that I, as a lowly grubber was carrying out whilst serving. It transpired when I was chatting to a couple of them that they were the un licensed fitters, had they taken there general and aircraft specific licenses they would have been doing more work in line with the skill set they had gained whilst serving.

    I suppose it boils down to what sort of work you want to do when you leave.
  9. Sent PM, check your mailbox.

  10. thanks for that mate. Im just thinking of the future and what the possibilities might be.
  11. HBM


    I'm an ex AEM who has been out of the mob for about 23 years now (left in 1989 as a grubber). I am working as an EASA Part 66 B1-3/4 LAE and have held my license for over 10 years. I can, if you want, email you some suggestions on how to go about getting your license and what's best to have before you leave the mob.
  12. That would be much appreciated, for the next few years i think i'm just going to work towards getting my rate but would be v useful to know what m options are

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