EarthQuake hits Cyprus!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. I woke up at around 04:30am on Sunday morning to the sound of the cat going mad, things falling off my bed side table and the building shaking! OK so I am in nicosia but we felt it, my first earthquake and it scared the hell out of me! I mean it really did get to me, I grabbed the cat and stood in the door way, well I mean you see it on TV right. Not that it was that bad, hit a 4.7 on the scales!

    It is one I won’t be forgetting, lucky thing is that this happened under the sea level and not actually on land and no one was hurt, not by my knowledge any how. Never being prepare for this, I really did get the heebie jeebies!

    The weather really is playing up, take today, lightening storm, very low, reaching the 4th floor of the apartment block opposite work, lighting up the sky, great to look at put the frigging power keeps cutting!

  2. Thats what comes from living in the 3rd world Jenny.
  3. Stimata pousti, it ain't 3rd world, the drinks are cheap, that is all!
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If it's Third World how come so many Brits live there? Probably hacked off with the state of things back home... 8O
  5. Actually Cyprus is getting exspensive. Nicosia is leveling London with it's prices.
  6. Divine punishment for not voting for unification despite promises to the EU that they would if admitted! Then demanding access to Turkish ports... Thor was obviously very het up on Sunday.

    Hope you're OK. Just remember, as Rosie would say, rescue the pussies first and any men later! Poor blokes. Lucky cats!
  7. I worked in Northern Cyprus a couple of years ago andlived in Lefkosa (Nicosia). Took a walk across the border for a beer ond day & noticed that prices in the South were far dearer than the in the North. Hasty retreat back to the North.
    Incidently do you know if its possible to fly into the South of Cyprus and then cross into the North to stay for a few days or are you restricted yo daily visits?
  8. You can fly and go over the border, don't think you are restricted to day passes. However, you may wish to look this up, the N.side tend to change their minds one hell of a lot.

    As for the port thing, Cyprus have a right to demand access to the ports, the N.side were suppose to open their borders up but refused to. Keep in mind the N.side was taken illegally.
  9. Thanks Jenny,
    Just that I've a stack of BA airmiles and I have to use some of them before January or lose the lot. By using a few I then get a three year extension on the rest. BA don't fly to N.Cyprus but I have a load of friends there in the Lefkosa cigarette factory where I worked and would like to see them again.
    Incidently for the benefit of Levers they are all of the Muslim faith.
  10. Tut, tut, tut Jenny, You've gone all native. You need to read a British history book not one written by the Greek Cypriots or the Greek Government. We've had this conversation before: the Turks intervened precisely because of the behaviour of the Greek Cypriots and the bellicose threats (maybe more) of the Greek Government at the time (back in the days of the Generals).
  11. I read my History from a non-biased side and decided that the Turks raided and took the N.side hostage. In the year 2020, Jon Claude Van Dam will appear in some martial artsy gay costume claiming freedom in an off Jockanese accent, whilst bible bashing and demanding the Da Vinci code is poo!
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Seen it! Isn't that the one with a bomb on a bus..?! lol
  13. That's the one! Arnold jumps out at this point!
  14. what's all the fuss JD?.....been through 2 shakers one in Bristol......lill tiny one at 3.6 (I think....long time ago 16 yrs?) and one whilst I was on a train crossing the mohave desert that one racked an impressive 7.1 and took the train off the track was over pretty quick, after shocks ran for a while but no drama...... 8)
    how was it for you? :D
  15. But wasn't that just to stop it being taken illegally by some one else.

  17. If anyone wants to read a quite dispassionate story of the Cyprus of the mid 20th century, pick up Bitter Lemons, by Lawrence Durrell.

    There were some very nasty goings on on both sides, but it's a shame that this hasn't all died with the advent of EU support. The hatreds amongst some Cypriots are still alive and festering though. And what a beautiful place!
  18. I think the Greeks were trying to do a Saddam Hussain on the Turks in Cyprus.

    Cyprus is nearer Turkey than Greece anyway .

    Anyway the Turkish invasion put the Greeks and the Greek Cypriots into their proper places and the place has been quite stable since . Before then it was kidnapping,killing and mob law.

    Did a few months doing anti gun running patrols in my younger days sailing round that place. And was allowed to have a SMG with full mag --and no rules of engagement ----happy days!!
  19. Steady on Greenie, that argument would mean that the Falklands were Las Malvinas all the time!

    For my money, the North is the more pleasant place to be, as the developers have not hit it quite as hard yet, but it seems to be coming.
  20. Greenie, the 'mob', mafia type, is still running alot over here, the Russians like to dont he black suits! I seem to see that it is only the younger generation who are really hepped up about the whole 1974 thing, esp. the American/cyp generation, funny how they never actually lived during that time.

    It's like me getting all narky about Hitler and WW2, however, I'd just laugh, think Hitler was best off being killed at birth and that bullet was a waste of time.

    Right, time for the drugs!

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