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Ears -hms Raleigh

I’m going to get to the point, after my medical (April 2017) i was at an MMA lesson and can’t remember what happened but I hurt my ear. Fast forward to now, I’ve got 3 month to go till raleigh and My ears struggle to pop or don’t pop like I remember and I think it’s linked to what happened in April , I don’t know if its Eustian tube dysfunction
Or not, if it is the doc can see a retracted ear drum. It isn’t causing me any pain at all, no tinnitus and I can still swim under water, it wasn’t even a problem till I realised it could be a problem. I’m going as a ET(WESM) so will it be a problem if they see a retracted ear drum on the medical and if they do, if I was going as something in the surface will it still be a problem? Or will not being able to pop my ears/retracted ear drum cause me to be deemed medically unfit. Thanks in advance


War Hero
As it is a change in your medical status, you're advised to speak to your AFCO now rather than potentially face the risk of being medically discharged upon joining when undergoing the submariner medical.

Hopefully you can get it sorted prior to joining because it is far, far easier to defer entry if needs be than join, get discharged and then have to re-apply from scratch.

Fingers-crossed it's a quick fix, but it's a condition of entry into the service to notify your careers adviser of any change in status prior to entry, as briefed in the post interview caution.

Best of luck.


I have a similar problem In my right ear but just keep using anti contestant nose spray and ear drops and it’s going away, slowly but defiantly.
@Ninja_Stoker if it doesn’t go by the time I go to hms raleigh in March will i be deferred even though I’m not doing a submarine role?


War Hero
I have a similar problem In my right ear but just keep using anti contestant nose spray and ear drops and it’s going away, slowly but defiantly.
@Ninja_Stoker if it doesn’t go by the time I go to hms raleigh in March will i be deferred even though I’m not doing a submarine role?
speak to your AFCO, as @Ninja_Stoker said, defer to a confirmed date or risk being sent home to start all over, or even medical discharged with no return, be proactive.
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