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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by jackdustyD90, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey all- I'm due to have served my 4 years in a couple of week and was just wondering what the routine actually was for becoming a badgeman?
    Does anyone inform you that your intittled or do you just pop over to the writers and put in a request form?

    Reason I'm asking is I'm part of MASF for RFA Argus in Guzz, but if I want anything done involving the UPO I have to go to MASF's own upo up on W-site in Culdrose (which I really don't want to do as its a full days journey there and back) :?
  2. Request it via the UPO yourself, your DO is unlikely to have that little event in his important stuff diary.

    MOD EDIT: You have been previously warn by Mods regarding your posts, outside of Lil's
  3. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I've been on the crest of a wave longer than you've been in the Mob.

    Ring your UPO and get them to process the request form. Some CO's award at Captains Requestmen.
  4. Ahh, the Tri-service/Civvie Div system.
    I was out in warmer climes earlier this year onboard a RFA.

    Above me was a S/R (PO)
    Above her was a WO (Army Chef???)
    Above him was a Civvie RFA Officer.

    If you had a prob, the only person that had ANY idea to sort it believe it or not, was the civvie RFA guy!

    End of the day, if you legitimately qualify for a badge, put it on and submit your request at the next opportune time as nobody really gives a feck
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I should of put mine on with velcro, took me 6 years to get one and 6 weeks to loose it, some sailors really do have a sense of humour failure when us bootnecks are around...... :oops: :p
  6. Spend less time yacking and propping up the bar and you'll more than half the time.

    It's only 2 hours away for gods sake!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I had three of those fekers one day and the next I had none, happy days. :)
  8. Naughty Finky :)

    must admit I had only just finished the stitching on my first one and it was ripped off. :roll:
  9. I had 2, and my DO came to see me to say I had to slap in for my 3rd. As I was on notice at the time, I said I didn't want it.
    "You don't understand" was the response, "The Captain wants to see you!

    Since you put it like that, I said..............
  10. I always found that on my visits to the table that I was treated very fairly, I suspect deep down they knew that I was an all round bon oeuf who every now and again was subject to what you would call today anti social behaviour.

    It always ammused me to see the old farts in Barracks wandering around with no badges until I joined those hallowed ranks.
  11. Went to Admiralty Arch to get mine and my hook at the same time,big office in the corner not quite looking down the Mall.

    The first thing he said was "Off cap" 8O nearly 5h1t my self, I had been in front of a few people who had said that and it had never had a happy ending before.
  12. MOD HEAD ON:

    MLP and Stan, if you have a problem with eachother, take it into PM's or Lils. Do not take any topic in the Qtr Deck, off topic.

    One and final warning!
  13. How things have changed........what's a UPO? Sounds like something you report to the sickbay with after a good run ashore.!

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