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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Had a good time, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. As my name says had a great time but it'snow time to move on. Been offered work outside and want to go pretty much now. Does anyone know the quickest anyone has got out? I am off to the UPO/ branch manager but it's Friday night and thought I was consult the wealth of knowledge on here???
  2. Back in about 05 I knew a POWTR (as was) who got early release at PJHQ, Northwood. She slapped in for early release, left on the Friday and started work on the following Monday in the same office as a civvy, it can be done. Having said all that, it was in the pre JPA era, don't know if things have changed or not.
  3. Ha yeah fair one. That was pretty quick though!
  4. Thinking more on the legal side if BM says no.
  5. If the BM says NO then your options are limited. If you are approaching pension then the "91 day rule" might be an option, there is an RNTM about it (issued late last year) cannot recall the number.
  6. Sounds like you know what you're on about. Great. Never heard of the 91 day rule??? Do you mind giving me some details? I am into 2OE so pension in the bag, if that helps??? All help appreciated. Cheers
  7. Have you read and understood RNTM 003/11? It does not apply to someone on EC (2OE). The fact that the navy needs to drawdown is possibly irrelevant, depending on Branch etc. OP should talk to his/her Career Manager who, in conjunction with the BM, will advise accordingly.
  8. Off to see him this Friday,so fingers crossed.
  9. Well that didn't go so well.Said I would not be approved. Said I can put it in now and work twelve months and as I am time done I am entitled to four months EVT's and the one months terminal leave. That gets me off the ship in November. Fair one but I only want to go two months before that in September on early release anyway so why keep me hanging around?
  10. Just spoke to a solicitor and she said I need to look through my contract. Is that the thing I signed when I weighed ten stone and had a shaved head in Raleigh??? ;-)
  11. Don't waste your time/ money - the Navy's position on this is pretty solid, despite some urban myths you might hear. You have a right to submit 12 months notice, the Navy has a right to hold you to it.
  12. Even on 2OE?? Get half hour free so might as well see what they say. Problem is I am on SSP and will cost me £12,500 to work my notice. I don't want EVT's etc. Just want to go to the new job I have lined up.
  13. The way it used to work with 2OE's a couple of years ago is that if you had a solid job offer they would let you go. Nowadays it'll be down to your Career Manager to see if you can get off.
  14. Well yes it did suit me and my family at the time, is that OK with you that my lifeplans have changed and I intend doing something different? For you that was just posting for the sake of it. Moron.
  15. I am with you "good time". Done your time and time to move on. Make sure after you see you CM that you book an appointment with SJRM as it looks like you will need his approval on all life matters too!!! Typical dickehad answer from someone who probably only did a fecking dog watch!
  16. HAGT your must feel all the more justified in your frustration now Frogman007 has 'weighed in on your side'. Let's face it anybody who can call SJRM a ******** and make random assumptions about his time served and uses this assumption to judge his advice must be worth listening to.

    Bottom line - 2OE comes with conditions. Unless you can prove that you were misled / misadvised as to those conditions prior to making the commitment then you have to see your time out, frustrating as that may be.
  17. Jeez lads chill out. I know we have lost an hours sleep but really! Right all I want to do is leave my current job, not like it's the crime of the century is it? If anyone has any advice (sensible) and can help out it would be appreciated.
  18. Are you near a break point?
  19. HAGT - What branch/ spec are you?

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