Early 20s considering a career change to work for the RFA with a few questions!

Before I begin, I apologise if some of these questions have been asked before, I have tried using the search bar but it doesn't really yield the results I want or up to date information. If you have the urge to tell me to use the search bar then I'd kindly suggest if you just ignore my thread. Thank you!

I have been considering signing up for a marine engineering or normal engineering cadetship, I also wouldn't mind the deck cadetship but at the moment I'm leaning towards marine engineer. I don't have any experience at sea or within engineering but I do have 10 GCSE's that are all As and Bs.

What is life like in the RFA?
What is Marine Engineering like in the RFA?
How long will it take to get in if I applied today?
Is food and accommodation paid for you during your 3 years cadetship?
If you're already in the RFA, would you recommend it? What do you like most? What do you dislike most?
Is marine engineering good for prospects outside the RFA if someday you left?

Would really appreciate some answers. Thanks again.


War Hero
Before you get any sensible answers from those serving in the RFA ask yourself what would put you off not joining. Also, what can you bring to the party rather than what they can give me. It's a two way flow. Good luck.