Ear problem?

Hi, I'm joining as a Clearance diver and have my PEDA in Jan and have just perforated my eardrum and have an infection in the ear canal. Obviously this will be no problem come January but because of the nature of my chosen trade I was wondering if I am obliged to inform the AFCO?
If anyone could shed some light on this I would be grateful.



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Also like to add to this, hope ya don't mind.

I'm in the exact same boat at Matt (PEDA in Jan), my wrist is playing up a little bit and its getting abit twingy, not painful twingy but you know what i mean. I don't want to go to the docs because I'm scared it'll end up having some affect on joining up or even delaying it because its taken ages already, I'd rather just have a twinge to be honest.

Do yous think I could get it sorted at the docs without any of this?


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Any change in your medical circumstances must be disclosed to your AFCO.

The PEDA currently involves no diving or tests involving compression chambers, however a perforated eardrum can indeed be an issue with regard medical suitability & any deliberately withheld medical condition will result in discharge under the 56-day medical rule upon joining or permanent bar to future service as a fraudulent application.

Best bet? Tell your AFCO now to avoid repercussions after joining.

Good luck.
Thanks Ninja, I've been told it is only a small peforation, I will ring and speak to the AFCO Monday, just wondering if you know what their likely course of action would be?


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Unfortunately, a definitive answer on this one can only be given by the Medical Examiner because it would be wrong to give false expectations, be they positive or negative.

With any luck "angrydoc", a qualified medical officer, good egg & font of knowledge will spot this & hopefully give you the information you seek.


Cheers Ninja

Eardrum perforations happen - one of those things. Not whilst diving though, I hope! Spontaneous ones are usually associated with middle-ear infections, which is what I assume has happened here. Antibiotics are usually given for this condition, but to be honest the evidence of any benefit is pretty equivocal. No swimming until it heals, and then we'll need to wait 3 months after full healing to consider you. Hearing tests and ear inspection will be required. Hopefully all will be well - the majority of eardrum perfs heal pretty quickly but you can occasionally get unlucky.

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