Eagle Academy

If I send this email to Cameron how long do you think it would take him to jump on the band wagon and have it in his Tory Party manifesto to restore family values ?

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Eagle Academy is a first of its kind residential facility comprised of dedicated law enforcement officers and professional staff members and it is our commitment to help families in Palm Beach County who are concerned with teenaged youth gangs, school truancy, drop out, and the decline of family existence.

The Eagle Academy challenges the youth (ages 13 to 16), not only through military style training and exercises but also in discipline, self respect, education, physical fitness and life skills development. :thumright:

The program is designed to help the youth focus on self esteem and personal growth. After completion of the residential program, the graduates will enter into a mentoring program that is structured to build a trusting relationship between the graduate and a dedicated law enforcement officer of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Our overall mission at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Eagle Academy is to change youth behavior and prevent criminal involvement in the community. The staff of the Eagle Academy is determined to meet the objectives and fulfill the mission, to assure the success of this program.


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