E(TM) information

Is there any other information on the role/career of an E(TM) officer?

I have applied for the above role and am hoping to make the September entry at BRNC. I am preparing for AIB and am struggling to find any more information other that what is on the official RN website. The role is not discussed much on the forum either, so any extra help/info would be appreciated.


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Its a broad specialism. You will start off teaching a subject at one of the main recruit/teaching centres (Raleigh, Sultan Collingwood, MWC), then will progress along more Training Design/Quality Control work to Training Needs Analysis.

Eventually you will have less recruit/student interaction and more policy/management of training - strategy influence type work. Lots of broad jobs available and lots of scope to branch out to media type roles.

Not sure of the longevity (10+ years away of the branch though - since 1995 when the Instructor branch disappeared E(TM) and E(IS) were always supposed to be roles subsumed by the big three (Warfare, Logs, Engineering) but thats not happened.


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Career progression:
18m - 36m appointments. Starting with chalk'n'talk - face to face teaching. 1 maybe two appointments like this. Similarly 1-2 appoinments doing a TD/QA job. Options to branch out and do perhaps Royal Marines All Arms Course and become a Corps Tutor (and also do some more RM focussed work), do the Combat Camerman/Media appointment, or perhaps work as a Fleet Education Officer (FeDO) deploying with ships to teach/assist with CPD etc. Other posts such as in HQ (FOST NTE), DGTE in London all arise at Lt Cdr and above.

I'd work on Lt with 7-9 years seniority for promotion to Lt Cdr and Lt Cdr with 7-10 years seniority for Cdr (ages 30-32 for Lt Cdr and 40-42 for Cdr)

Hope that helps

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