E/Standard: Navy’s New Carrier So Large The Crew Need An App To Find Their Way About

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jan 14, 2014.

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    "They have been joining up the dots —almost literally — on HMS Queen Elizabeth, the new aircraft carrier, the largest warship built in Britain, which is now towering above the rooftops in Rosyth dockyard.

    The five huge sections from different yards for the 65,000-tonne ship have been assembled. In the coming year it will be floated out of the dock, and named by the Queen — the first naval ship to bear her name.

    Crew members are shortly to be given a special app for their mobile phones to help them navigate around the ship."

    Navy?s new carrier so large the crew need an app to find their way about - UK - News - London Evening Standard
  2. '“The Americans tell me that we are either heroic or stupid,” says Captain Petitt, “They want to know how we manage it with such small numbers.”'

    Not good
  3. Small numbers means small CAG in our case!!!!!!!...the Septics have an extra 2,000 personnel onboard when their CAG is embarked....CAG 11 Is currently attached to USS Nimitz

    Squadron Squadron Name Aircraft Type Homeport
    VFA-154 Black Knights F/A-18F Super Hornet Lemoore, CA
    VFA-147 Argonauts F/A-18E Super Hornet Lemoore, CA
    VFA-146 Blue Diamonds F/A-18C Hornet Lemoore, CA
    VMFA-323 Death Rattlers F/A-18C Hornet Miramar, CA
    VAW-117 Wallbangers E-2C Hawkeye Point Mugu, CA
    VAQ-142 Gray Wolves EA-6B Prowler Whidbey Island, WA
    HSC-6 Indians MH-60C Seahawk North Island, CA
    HSM-75 Wolfpack MH-60R Seahawk North Island, CA
    VRC-30 Det III Providers C-2 Greyhound North Island, CA
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  4. If the crew rely on a mobile Phone App for getting around the ship? Do they also get one for damage control? I can imagine the duty fire party all looking at their mobiles wondering where to go!
  5. Captains table, why were you adrift?, flat battery in mi mobile sir, case dismissed.
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  6. Ah, but aren't these all airey planes? Apart from the budgies. And we won't have any airey planes for years and years......... hence lean manning. Maybe!

    Still, if they all have iPads, it will make things easier off Iran..............
  7. Looks a pretty valid point to me.
  8. Brilliant idea as long as you can get a signal and you're not PAYG and run out of credit. Does the mob pay your phone bills?

    Having said that, I've had some reliefs on watch who could have done with an app to tell them where they're meant to be and at what time!
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  9. No different to rouges getting their little green ship famil booklets when joining. It's just moving with the times and embracing technology. But we all know how we don't like that kind of thing on here.

    Cue the dismissive remarks about the youth today, it will never get commissioned and the usual US Carrier wankfest.
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  10. This app thing sounds novel but in Annex B of Chapter 2 of the BRNC guide dress regulations (Which seems to be quoting a whole different article that applies to the whole of the naval service) "Service personnel in uniform are not to use their mobile phones when transiting in Ships and Establishments"
  11. Should prevent a sound bumming when shoved directly down the back of the kecks. Might improve your facebook feed too...
  12. Whatever happened to those joining routines involving a paper chase like orienteering, full of finding the paint locker/inflam and the hanger quas space, after jackson, and generally annoying everyone in the wardrobe flat? Might be nice if they could embed a calendar and peg board state to it. They need a baby woo to code it for them....

    Have you seen the f%$&ing size of that USS Diabetes?? No messdecks, you sleep in the main drag, no CSB at sea, and the state of the markings, no wonder sprog LT.JGs (Subbies) arent allowed down the grots without a jarhead (bootneck) in close attendance. (warning, some of these comments may be complete Elmer Fudd)
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  13. I'm still to finish my joining routine for the Blake.
  14. The ship is the Navy’s biggest ever. But it will take a crew of only 690 to drive it and man it — this goes up to 1,680 when the F35 attack jets are on board. Alternatively the ship can carry 920 Royal Marines.

    “The Americans tell me that we are either heroic or stupid,” says Captain Petitt, “They want to know how we manage it with such small numbers.”

    He adds: “We do it by maximum use of automation — particularly in handling ammunition and ordnance.”.......:sad7: Also..The QE will be able to fly 36 F35 strike aircraft and house Apache attack helicopters.!!!!!
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  15. He adds: “We do it by maximum use of automation"Shame you can't automate Part of Ship maintainence- I remember 2 years ago having to help the dabbers alongside the stokers, wafu's, scab lifters, bootnecks, scribes, scran damagers and every other branch on ship not needed to sail the thing, in helping to chip, derust and repaint he ship before we got alongside in Dubai for a standdown, as there wasn't enough money in the pot to get the dockies to do it all.
  16. Wasn't it ever thus?
  17. No........
  18. Has been since I've been in. Part of ship has always been a big chunk of the day.
  19. Now I could have done with one of those aide memoir gadgets as I once forgot to attend for missmusters of grog.
  20. Well before you were "in" I never saw clear lower deck to chip, derust? and paint the ship, so maybe this is a recent innovation due to lack of.........................whatever

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