E(IS) (old WE??) Information

Looking for any current serving or in-the-know folks regarding the E(IS) job. Perhaps a long-shot, there are very few I have heard of and met regarding this. I had some fortune during a short spell at Whale Island, speaking with an Lt Cdr mostly regarding the 45's and future carrier projects. Was interesting but I didn't press into the area involving the E(IS) career, what happens, what you are expected to do etc.

I have had limited information from my OCLO although a ME Officer, from what I gather and he explains (had added that he wasn't entirely sure about the E(IS) stream), involves a lot of project management stints rather than physically interacting with the systems as much.

Pinch of salt on standby any information would be gratefully accepted,

There is a huge thread somewhere in the newbies forum - I suggest you strengthen your google-fu and have a look. One of the regular contributors is an E(IS) Officer and he gave a good dit on it. If you have any further questions after that, pse come back and ask again.


TattooDog said:
If you have any ??? that aren't answered, Wave Dodger should be able to help and provide a lot of excellent info as he is 'in the know'.
I found a large doc he composed on the topic, printed it out and had a read. Just what I wanted ;)
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