E-books. Good or bad?

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by SONAR-BENDER, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Now then, these new fangled E-book things. Any good, if so, why?

    I like to read a book, sitting (preferably in the sun) and when finished, put it aside ready to swap with a buddy.

    Can you do this with the e-books? Part of the fun is passing the book on. Plus I like turning the pages. Indeed, I still use a Filofax rather than an electronic organiser thing. Is it possible to download 'copied' books, as it is with music and movies? Allegedly.

    But, I do like the idea of just being able to sit/lie there and hold the reader in one hand, using a thumb to turn the page, or whatever.

    So, as pressie season is coming, please discuss! :p
  2. I got a Amazon Kindle e book reader, it came with a free guardian membership.... lol shit im only joking.

    I love my e book reader, its still not the same as actually owning a book and i think anyone that places any emotional value in thier favourite book will likely have a proper paper copy, but I love mine. its small lightweight and with its new fangled E-Paper it looks good too (no eye strain). £150 for the 3GS version.

    You can do all of the things that you have asked and they are not just limited to ebooks, they support pdf's and many other formats. They also play mp3s and have a usb memory stick like functionality.

  3. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I have hundreds upon hundreds of good old fashioned paper books, and normally have one in transit with me everywhere I go.

    I cannot make a mental leap to having what is effectively a book ipod, some of my books are getting on for 150 years old, I have most of the original issue Pan Paperbacks of Bond and a large number of other first edditions many of which have been signed. The idea of ditching this for a battery powered thingy is abhorrent to me.

    But then again I am a deeply sad individual who is probably unable to embrace technological development.

    I have seen people using them on the train, they look nice, but not for me.
  4. Is it "leather bound"? :D :wink:
  5. and yes! if you are that way inclined it "seems" you could potentially never pay for a book again....of course that would make you morally defucnktefijie and an utter asshat.
  6. No, you can buy one tho. they make a huge selection of varying qualities, some even have lights that charge by day. Awseomsauce
  7. I agree paper books will never be obsolete. however there is not a single book now that is not in digital form.
  8. Books are still free from the library...as my missus keeps reminding me :roll: .
  9. Tight arse!!
  10. How do you know his mrs has a tight one!?
  11. But that means you have to go out in public to retreive them, not ideal in some of our cases.
  12. Ah but a few pounds saved on a book is an extra drink down't pub... 8)
  13. I see your point however my missus does the retrieving whilst I spend the money I've just saved on not buying a book...

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