E based learning (CIS)

today my passwprd etc was received for DLP to start my e based learning.

Got myself home and logged on, it might as well have been written in Dutch for all i understand how to navigate about the site.

Can anybody direct me on how to find:

Physical security, Intro Comms publications and DMP?

tried search function, no joy. The catalogue made about as much sense?

After a prompt I think I should be able to find the rest and add it to my learning plan(I picked that much up!!!!!)

I was told by the P.S that I could do the courses from home(because I wont get the time in unit to do them). Tried to phone unit but was 14.30 on a Friday :wink: , and they'll no doubt be off on Montag for the PH.
I was hoping to have it finished by then......

I'll wager Aldis will know, I just dont want to PM him..........again.

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