Dyslexia Story - May interest Sumo.


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@Sumo - At Ease and Pay Attention this way >>>>>>

>>>>>> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-41666320

French scientists say they may have found a potential cause of dyslexia which could be treatable, hidden in tiny cells in the human eye.

Also read this another common condition linked with Dyslexia, my daughter has this, without her filter glasses she sees text move around and look like the typewriter was only doing a half line feed e.g text on top of each other?
Until I had to where specs i always had clear vision and colour perspective or would noir have passed pussers colour test?
So interesting but would not help me?
Thanks for thinking of my issue.
Thinking back to my entry colour test I could see more than one number on the dot matrix, normal would see one number different colour perception or blindness would see other numbers, I could see numbers on top of each other, so may be something in this who knows? Confused the hell out of the chap doing the test but was happy I could clearly see the correct numbers, and the others he ignored?
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Mrs Seaweed took a diploma in Special Needs focusing on Dyslexia and had a run of children to treat one on one. A sheet of pink plastic (sometimes other colours) (the sort sold as filing sleeves) laid over the text fixed the jumping around problem for some. However Dyslexia presents in different ways including being coupled with number problems - one girl just couldn't get hold of the idea of 'one' let alone that two of them made two. For her diploma course she had an adult who could do just anything with car mechanics but couldn't read any sort of manual or handbook. Famous dyslexics include Susan Hampshire and Michael Heseltine - there's hope yet. Schools have to pushed HARD to diagnose as they shy off it for cost reasons and have to be further pushed to give the one-on-one that is needed because of each case being different, meanwhile the disadvantaged child falls further and further behind. There is a genetic link which Mrs S has ferreted out by discreet questioning where a parent had a problem but in their schooldays it was never diagnosed let alone sorted. It's less a question of a 'cure' than acquiring strategies to help cope.

Reading being a totally artificial process it's actually a marvel that almost everybody can learn to read.


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Reading being a totally artificial process it's actually a marvel that almost everybody can Almost learn to read.
Fix for you ne expense, my daughter, the worst of the family dyslexics , can have fun (or we can) putting words in her head and saying them, Medicines came out Med I Kins with the question what’s that, she was at Uni at the time.

The colour overlays is a common technique, sometime leading for the need for a full Irlen Syndrome eye test, where glasses can be made with the coloured lenses, plain glass or prescription, until this my daughter could not see depth in shadow just darkness. Another aid is to change the background colours on you PC screen.

As your wife has stated Dyslexia is a head line name, the reality is everyone is different, with different needs, that is why for help at Uni they have a special needs assessment to see what is needed to try and put the student on a level playing field with other students.

A famous severe west country Dyslexic is Chris Dawson MR CDS / The range owner


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