D'ye HEAR there? British 10K London 12 July 09

Running the British 10K.....

  • Is a crack......gentle warm up really

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  • Is something I would crawl over broken glass to avoid

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  • a damn fine thing.....for someone else to do! Pass the port...

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  • Was magic - whens the next one ?

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If anyone is running the 10K in London on 12 July - please take a swift shufti at the link over on Arrse HERE and get your name down.

Combat Stress at least will be holding their own bijou banyanette in the park afterwards for their runners .

If you are running for H4H ( who recently gave £3M quid to Combat Stress - notterlotterpeopleknowthat) we'd be delighted to share some warm lemonade and the odd sausage roll! That said , any Rum Rationeers welcome.

( Babies Heads, Red Lead or Horses Necks sadly not provided - BYO)



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