Dwindling Naval Characters

Discussion in 'History' started by trelawney126, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Answering the post about nicknames, I recalled the many characters I knew from my Local in Guzz mostly all ex Navy and sadly most having now crossed the bar.
    Wally Ramsey Ex Cdr. Engineering. Remembers being in Malta when the straw hats were changed and the accompanying yarn that went with it.
    Dick Coombes 2nd Officer RNXS Malta towed in Ohio with other tugs and ships.
    The bursar of St. Boniface College.Name escapes me for the moment. He was onboard HMS Exeter as PO Wtr. during the Graff Spee episode. Still had shrapnel in his arms from the incident.
    There was also an ex RM who was captured at St. Nazaire.
    They were a very close knit community and I was fortunate that whilst on leave I used to go out for a pint with my father who was in the group. Its sad to reflect that all this history is slipping away and I didn't appreciate it when I had the chance.
    Anyone else have the same regrets?
  2. I don't know about that mate, I regularly drink with blokes who were sunk in the Falklands, helped in the rescue of the RIR on Op Barras, fought on Longdon and another bloke who was with the Det in N.I.

    History doesn't slip away mate, it is always there, it's just things move on and new history is made and comes to the forefront.

    Edited to add: They ARE all gen, not int the same pub and and I don't drink in the Waltchester arms. :D
  3. With a dwindling navy you have to expect a reduction in 'Boys Own' hero's.

    They are out there, I bet a few post on here but are way too shy to stand up and take a bow.

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