Dwarf saved by chihuahua

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. By the way...they would both so fcuking get it...hard....
  2. I d shag her and then throw her on the trampoline & stump fcuk her arrse whilst bouncing around with her on my c0ck :lol:
  3. I don't think it was that bad. Trust a dwarf to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  4. Imagine the Sun headline had it been a long haired cat with her.
  5. Dwarfism (pronounced dwo[Ê€]fiz'm IPA: /ˈdwÉ”ËËŒfɪzɪm/) is a medical term describing a person of short stature, with the most widely accepted definition of a dwarf (pl: dwarfs) being a person with an adult height of less than 4 feet 10 inches (147 cm). [1] Dwarfism can be caused by over 200 separate medical conditions, and as such the symptoms of individual dwarfs can vary greatly. People who are affected by dwarfism are often referred to as "little people."

    thamk god im just over 4ft10 im 149 cms tall so just over dwarf heigh
  6. That makes you a Hobbit! :twisted:
  7. Go.on ,gives us the full story
    or shortarsed twats

    So you really are a midget?
  9. She's probably got big hairy feet as well my precious.
  10. FEET ?????? I think RR deserves more than hairy feet
  11. FFS the dwarfes of today! Went on a likkle bimble and got lost! Didn't she have any breadcrumbs to leave a trail?
  12. You'd still it get on the trampoline.... :D
  13. hey i love being short prefer mobile beer holder and i dnt have hairy feet at all
  14. Sadly photographic proof is required is back up this claim. :twisted:

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