DVSA to recruit an extra 40 additional vocational driving examiners to help reduce lorry driver shortage


War Hero
All well and good every little helps, but it is too little.
Nothing seems to have been done to improve working conditions ie truck only service areas on motorways, more truckstops in towns around the country for drivers to park up safely overnight with toilet and washing facilities. And what about the cost of the driving course and test?
It's anywhere between 3 and 4 grand to get a licence, if students can get grants/loans for university courses repayable over a period of time why not prospective truck drivers, how the hell do lower earners or the unemplyed raise that kind of money?
As usual the Department of Transport has had a quick squint at the problem and come up with a pitiful remedy to a serious situation. It's a shame that they can't form a commitee consisting of drivers and transport managers and listen to their real life experiences in the world of road haulage instead of basically sticking an elastoplast over a very serious wound.