Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. We know exactly where every untaxed car is located among the millions of car owners in the UK, yet we haven't got a clue where thousands of illegal immigrants are located.

    Maybe Gordon Brown should put the DVLA in charge of immigration!!
  2. Well cars and bikes all have a unique identifier stuck to the outside, acknowledging that some of those will be clones.

    Are you suggesting something similar for people? How about a bar code tattoo across the forehead, or perhaps something which distinguishes those who've come in from overseas? any suggestions on what might be used?
  3. no- not all - I pinched the thread idea from my hubby's forum, and thought the initial poster had a good point- if one organisation can be so on the ball- how come our bloody government cant be?!

  4. Well said BH , the Government are shite . :whax: :whdat: :whax: :whdat:
  5. Well the DVLA is a government agency, as is the Borders and Immigration Agenc. The government per se isn't a single entity.

    But to the point of the question, BIA and DVLA do different things. As I highlighted above, DVLA essentially maintain a register of uniquely identifiable entities, BIA don't. The only way for BIA to do something similar is to label every individual in the country, with some kind of marking which can't be forged or stolen. that also assumes that anyone passing into the country comes via a legal route, which many illegals clearly don't.

    That said, BIA leaves a lot to be desired, although the impending migration of UK Visas into it from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office will at least improve their awareness of who is intending on travelling into the country.
  6. Maybe not a barcode on the forehead, but how about a number tattood on the arm? Has that been tried before? o_O
  7. Concentration camps...not a good idea...
  8. BH - nice new piccie by the way. If that's you, pse PM me if your hubbie ditches you...

    Anyway, totally agree with you on this one. How about ID Cards?

    That reminds me, I should post a thread myself about the DVLA...

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