Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Went to tax my 1972 VW camper van today and change it to an Historic class for taxation purposes.Its been off the road for about 12 years and Ive fully restored it.

    I had to travel from Stoke to Manchester,approx 70 miles round trip as thats my 'local' tax office.

    Gets there,queues up,hands in docs etc and V10.No money needed as its tax excempt.

    Oh sorry sir,I cant accept the insurance certificate as its a download copy.

    Yes said I,its all sent via email and you print it off.

    Sorry sir,it must be the original document.

    Its the one I have to print off.I says.

    Still no joy so back home and contact insurance company to send me an 'Original' one.

    I wasted 3 hours of my life and 70 miles worth of petrol.
    No wonder people arent taxing their vehicles if this is what you have to put up with.
    Complaint to DVLA to follow plus expenses claim for petrol and life used. :evil:
  2. I taxed my car today too and the bloke didn't check my M.O.T. or insurance. I found this particularly strange as I had no logbook either and was also applying for a new one of those.

    I could have been any cnut.
  3. Would like to see the phots of the VW camper...quite like them.
  4. I'll try to upload some for you.
  5. Thats 2 things to going against you from the word go me old china!!! :D
  6. What do you expect from a load of welsh sheep shaggers they can't even locate cars they have towed away.
  7. Wow could have sworn he said Manchester DVLA not Swansea!! :roll:
  8. Yeah but they are infected with the welsh sheep shagging virus from the HQ in swansea and have their common sense taken away on the induction course.
  9. Do they?? Been to wales lately then???

    Stroker!!! :roll:
  10. I think the quarter wits at London's Low Emission Zone are far more retarded than any numbnuts from DVLA.
    I have 2 Merc Spinters and occasionally send them into London, both the same model, one always gets a penalty charge for the LEZ. Tried explaining on numerous occasions that they are identical, but no..the feckin window licker won't accept it. Even asked them what info they have on the vehicles..
    " 1st one has 3 seats, unladen 2180kg, max 3500kg "..okay mate that's right and now the other
    " Oh er it has 0 seats, unladen weight 700kgs and max weight of 6000kgs..hmmm that's not right " says the twat wiping dribble from his keypad
    So I explain that it's got 3 seats.."Yeah I can change that"
    Unladen 2180kgs...."Yeah that's been ammended"
    Max weight is 3500kgs..." No I can't change that I need proof that you haven't had it modified to take 6000kgs "

    Fecking feckin feckin...stampy feet teddy lob :twisted: :twisted:
  11. Could you do a lot of this online? I do that every year. Not sure about vehicles that are older than you though :lol:

  12. Cant do it online yet as I have to change the class first.
    I'm only 23 ish thanks :lol:
  13. Did the bird at the tax office have big tits? 8O :)
    And did you still have your wheel trims when you left Manchester? :D
  14. Oh fcuk has Manchester become worse that Scouseland? At least around here you only get your car keyed!

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