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Hi all this is my first time posting but have been using RR a while now, anyway to my question, the DVA form I am confused as to this sponsor that keeps being mentioned, Do i have to find a sponsor like a family member ? or is it my CA? thanks in advance and please! can we leave all the jokes for my next post...thanks:cool:


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Dam and there is me thinking i was smart by adding that, anyway please ONLY SERIOUS answers
Please don't presume to tell me or any other member here what to say, in the UNOFFICIAL website of the Royal Navy/Royal Marines... :evil:

As Scouse has said, somebody with working knowledge of RN recruitment matters (i.e. Ninja_Stoker/Supermario) will answer your query in due course. In the meantime, how about you show some of that "smart" initiative and contact your AFCO, or read the accompanying notes which came with your DVA Form? :?
Thanks sgtpepperband that link helped, and no I wasn't trying to be funny in anyway I was just saying. and yea I just got them and have read them but am a bit confused by them and so thought one of the AFCO's on here could shed a bit of light on that matter for me, I'm only 17 so please if i do seem like I'm a bit cocky I'm not, I do have alot of respect for all you guys on here (those that are actually helping other people).
Contact the AFCO and ask your CA or if he has time, ask could you pop in and have a chat with him so he can read through the forms and check you aint filled em out wrong. Reading the DVA's guidance forms I suspect it is indeed your CA who would be the sponsor but dont take my word for it as I'm purely an observer.

The DVA form is vital regarding getting it right. Delays caused by it not being right have caused hassle for a friend of mine.


Leave the 'sponsor' box empty. You do not need to fill that in. Nor do you need to complete the date when required box.

If you are filling-in the .pdf form, then every time you open it, it will warn you that you need a sponsor. Ignore this warning, fill in the form using the guidelines, then give to the CA. He will advise you if you have missed anything out, and will give it a once over before sending to DVA in York.
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Page 19 onwards of the form should be left for completion by your sponsor, who is your Careers Adviser. Sign & Date pages 14 & 18.


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