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With all this talk of what to wear to bed at night as a young thruster I thought I'd ask you all.

What is/was your duvet cover?

So c'mon man up and tell the truth, what adorns your bed in your messdeck or grot?

I had a Thundercats one. :p
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
I have a Monsters inc one and a Rolf's animal hospital one. I used to have a Pokemon too but I ditched it as it got shat upon.
That's known as 'going equipped to nonce'. Smallies in the grots again! 8O

I had an Action Man duvet cover, the CSMs reaction? A :roll: and "Gerritorf!!", well it was only Company Commanders rounds!! Not CO's. :lol:
8O Duvet, what the feck, what sort on namby pamby mob were you in, let alone what poofter cover you had on it. Just how the feck could you lash up your hammock or get it squared away on your pit for rounds in a shore base.

Duvets at sea you lot are kidding surely. :roll: :roll:

Nutty 8) 8)
ex_rubberdagger said:
Moomin said:
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
hnhnwilliam said:
"RonJeremy" Please change your avtar (spelling)
Get a grip, it's awesome.
Here we go! I don't think its an 'actual' photo of RonJeremy. :wink:

You never know though!! I thought big Ron was your kind of thing Moomin seeing as you hang around well hung creatures all day!!! 8O
...and I was trying so hard to keep my personal tastes a secret :wink:

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