Duty Watch In Dolphin

There has been a comment made on the Australian submariners site that we were the only foreign trainees to keep duty watches whilst at Dolphin. All other foreign governments took the line that their people were there for training and they were not paying the RN to use their people for other duties. However the Australian government saw it differently/did not care.

Can anyone confirm this?
Can't comment about your lot, but every time we pulled in, I know we just stuck to our own duty watches and that was it... 8)
If you mean duty watches in the Fort Blockhouse i.e. inboard while on courses, waiting draft etc. I cannot assist. What I can say is that on SM 1 boats along side in my time we had for long or short periods Dinks, Canucks, Indian and Israel crew members all kept duty watches unless they had a blue/brown card job i.e.Cook etc.


PS Sudden thought in Dolphin 2 and then in Dolphin 1965 awaiting first draft we had a Dink, the only one who owned a car, who I use to go ashore with and he kept duties in Blockhouse with the rest of us.


Lantern Swinger
as far as I remember all the Aussies and cannucks kept duty watches inboard in the 1st squadron in the 60's even me Nutty old ships.Not for bloody long though, spare crew,couldn't beat it really ''Daywork''!!!! Daywork my arris, make and mend every afternoon secured 12.30,offski.............Inboard chief cook was a townie of mine knew all the familly back home etc. got all the good numbers going,lovely days. O h how I cherished my wee broon card. Happy days folks,may your Gods go with you all....................

UP SPIRITS.....................................SPLICEEEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :lol:

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