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Here's one for you folks who are still serving. Can you still buy BLUE LINERS? Neesed a poultice on the back of your neck to get a drag out ot the bloodey things :lol: :lol: :cool:
tufty said:
I've still got my three stamps for August 1977 if that helps ... :)

A Ha !! So you're the blighter who made me three stamps short on my stocktake !!


ps. Maybe you should scan them for the oldtimers to reminisce ?
In 1963 whilst still a JEM @ " St Vincent" I recall the ships company moaning about the rise in price of "blue liners" from 2shillings& 4pence per 100 to half a crown per hundred.( 11.5p to 12.5p to all post 71 children) happy days or is it all inflation.


Awful bloody things , emergency use only I'm afraid , glad when they were discontinued , I've giving up altogether now , 3 years in May it will be , thank fxxk , :???:


War Hero
I once heard they were made up of the factory floor sweepings from real cigarettes ... and from the taste, that wouldn't surprise me.

Spooky thread......I've just been sorting out some stuff from the loft and found these........

As I remember they seemed good value at 51p for 300!! Mind you they gave your lungs a work out trying to drag on them. They also seemed to dry out fairly quickly too. The rolling tobacco was worse - turned to dust as soon as the air hit it.


Lantern Swinger
Harry Skinters - we can't see your C: drive - you need to put the image on the web somewhere. I don't know why I still had my stamps. I had long given up smoking by 1977 and used to just give them away - for some reason I didn't that month. I do remember though that when I joined and started smoking them it gave you a sore throat so the dit about them being the factory floor sweepings might be a good one !

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