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Duties when alongside


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You can't request time out and you'll be working somewhere suitable if you're downgraded medically but don't expect that to be long term. It all depends on the reason for the downgrade and projected timescale to reach full fitness again.

There are no permanent roles for those unfit for sea, you're just taking up a billet which someone whose due shoretime can't use. Long term unfit means a medical board to assess you and possible discharge medical.

The only permanent inboard people I know of, who are unfit for sea, are FTRS personnel.

Untrue. I know a few regular ratings (mostly SRs) who are permanently non deployable following med boards and just take up gash second line roles or instructor roles.

I don't agree with it, but with the manpower shortages in certain branches it does happen.

Chris P

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Isn’t that most WAFU drafts? “The Sea Shall Not Have Them”
Back the truck up Rab ;) you wouldn't have said that if you were the compassevac I was involved in back in about '65 somewhere off the East coast Malaysia from Oberon I think it was............strange coincidence 20 years later working in Sydney talking to a guy in our Perth office about time in the mob, he'd been on the 'sticking up bit' having a smoke when we winched the compassevac off, 20 years apart workinbg for the same company again still never met him.
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