Duties of a Naval Pilot?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WannabePilot, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. Sorry to post a thread!

    Google just couldn't help me on this one.

    I would love to know the duties of an Aircrew Officer outside of flying and flight simulation.

    With all the leadership skills required I assume there must be some command aspect other then inside the cockpit?

    I want to know all the Roles & Responsibilities of an Aircrew Officer in detail.

    I know there is lots of factors to consider, such as squadron & type of aircraft, blah blah blah.

    but If I could be given some examples from Pilots or people who work alongside them, that would be great.

    Please no pilot jokes..
  2. The only thing I will inject is that being a 'pilot' in the cockpit will not necessary mean you are "in charge". That can be another aircrew officer. It is common in the helicopter world for the observer to be 'Captain of the Aircraft' i.e. in command.
  3. Have you tried the search facility?
  4. I have been looking all over the place! I have found the knowledge available very poor considering the amount they expect you to know in interview.
  5. Wannabe

    If you tell us what you think the responsibilities of a Pilot/Navigation and Weapons Systems Officer are when they are not flying, we will tell you whether we think you have the right idea.

    One thing I would suggest to you is that Aircrew don't just wander up to the aircraft, hop in and take off - there will have been a lot of preparation beforehand - the same applies when they land the aircraft, debriefing etc.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Have you not seen Top Gun?

    What with all that beach volleyball, motorbike riding, drinking and chasing women do you seriously think you'll have time for anything else apart from a couple of quick lectures and flying?
  7. Your most important job as a pilot or any other officers position you may attain is to your men. The RN has a divisional system which is far superior to anything the other services have. As a young occifer you will almost certain be given the task of Divisional Officer or D.O. This means looking after the welfare of your division, I was always led to believe that this came before anything else. Must admit though in my time while I had one or two excellent D.O.s the majority were pretty useless.
  8. :wink: Nail on the head Slim Good DO/Pilot, is a must, when on defauters :lol: Pontius will be along shortly.
  9. I see, in my last interview I was asked about this duty in particular.

    To be honest, I hadn't really prepared an answer as I literally thought that Pilots spent most of their time while at sea preparing to fly, in simulations or actually flying.

    I suppose I didn't put much thought into the Lieutenant Role along side all this.

    I think he was hinting towards being in command of a small group of men, I am not too sure who? Is it to organise the people who are working so you are ready to fly and land?

    The Naval Websites I generally use (plus MOD and such), give very brief answers, I need more detail! Also if I phone career advice helplines for information, they direct me to the careers centre. The Careers centre don't generally tell me too much in detail, but only have the basic leaflets at their disposal.

    Any accurate information, even if quite vague is very welcome!
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    To whom did 'we' address questions before the interweb and Google. :roll:
    Wannabe Pilot, read a book.

    Armed Action by James Newton

    A good read and was once on (may still be) JSCSC RND reading list. You don't need to worry about those abbreviations Wannabe Pilot just lose the fixation with internet 'research'.
  11. Good call, Seadog.

    Also interesting:



    Ask for these at the library if you are on a budget.
  12. Quote Wannabe I think he was hinting towards being in command of a small group of men, I am not too sure who? :wink: The pilot of a ships flight is the DO for the ships flight crew. The SMR is his eyes and ears :lol: Some Ships flight pilots as a DO leave a lot to be desired, by the Flight , other ships flight Pilots make right good DOs and are all round good eggs. Waspie will be along shortly :lol:
  13. Can no-one remember the RN recruitment advert where basically the pilot was told he was nothing more than a glorified taxi-driver and it was the observer that was the brains behind everything???
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3qSJ3el138
  15. Soleil

    You have far too much time on your hands, lol!
  16. Paramedic delivery system. and sometimes, make the tea in the crewroom. :D
  17. Sorry to be a pain, but what does DO stand for?

    EDIT: Also SMR?

    EDIT again: DO = Divisional Officer?, Still not sure on SMR though.

    EDIT no 3: Thanks Soleil! Ordered the book!
  18. Duties of an RN Harrier Pilot.

    Do you want Fries with that?
  19. Hehe, If you were a Pilot/Fleet Air Arm could you please tell me about the sort of tasks you would be assigned? Particularly wanting to know about the command related tasks.

    Also thanks SJRM =)
  20. SMR was Senior Maintenance Rating in my day. Applicable to the chief i/c aircraft maintenance on small ship flights. I was one, briefly.


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