Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Ueshiba, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Is it still there at CTC?

    Just come across this http://www.savedutchy.co.uk/index.htm

    PLEASE KEEP DUTCHY'S. It makes up for :- no tanks, old ships, bad choppers, shit boots, crap scran , old planes, stinking accommodation, fat wrens and no ammo! Great Med cover though! All the best Dutchy .

    Class quote by an MA there! :thumright:

    Shame if it went. Two pints and a Dutchy kept you going when you were threaders.
  2. Remember Dutchies well during my RFCC and the need to boost the calorie intake. I also remember (Circa may 1992) the very nice blond piece that used to serve me. Ding Dong your not wrong!!
  3. Still there and serving. Must be about the sixth generation dutchy now!
  4. Great stuff! Cheers. Long live Dutchy! :thumright:

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