Dunners is revolting!!

Thats harsh but i will agree that Auckland doesn't live up to the clean green life NZ flouts to other countries. I was able to put up with the fog though knowing that there were actually things to do other than tending to the sheep.
Dunners now has a Cappuccino/froth machine and a traffic light, we're getting a thing called an escalator in our biggest department store next year, some things remain the same though, Otago is doing shite in the Rugby :bball: !!
PS My 'Dark' comment was a terrible racial slur on the ethnicity of the majority of Aucklands population, the Pakeha are bad enough though, fecking Jafas (Just Another Fecking Aucklander) :w00t: .
But you are right the environment is crap too. :thumright:
Well it's not perfect, but it's not a bad place to live! I've only been burgled once in 3 years and the sun shone on Saturday! I don't think I will ever qualify as a Jafa though.....Not with my Scottish accent.
I misunderstood your meaning i wouldn't say Auckland was dark i would say it was Yellow. But i'm no longer a JAFFA I'm now spending my days in the mother country serving the queen.
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