Dunkirk Little Ships 70th Anniversary Return to Dunkirk

Just thought members may wish to know that the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships (ADLS) are returning to Dunkirk 27-31 May 2010 to mark the 70th anniversary of Operation Dynamo. 54 ADLS Little Ships are taking part, with HMS Monmouth and HMS Raider in company to escort them across the Dover Straits. 25 RN Ratings from HMS Collingwood are accompanying the Little Ships for the duration, representing the RN ratings that took the Little Ships across in 1940.
The Little Ships depart Ramsgate 27 May at 0700 local arriving at Dunkirk at 1530 local. There is a programme of commemorative ceremonies taking place over the weekend before the Little Ships return to Ramsgate 31 May at 1530 local. Around 35 veterans of Operation Dynamo are expected to be in Dunkirk for the commemorative events.
There is extensive media coverage, so look out for the RN team on the tv, or come to Ramsgate and show your support!
More info can be found at the ADLS website, www.adls.org.uk or in Navy News May edition page 28.


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Such a shame both my Grandads are not here to witness this. Although they were there in the original event.


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ITV Meridian evening news are doing a series of interviews re Dunkirk over the coming week for those that live in the area
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