Dunkers got bigger

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Should be able to get out of that one...easy peasy ^_~

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  2. And many moons ago!!^_~

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  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I had a panicky wren join us in the dunker, being gallant bootnecks we made her sit in the middle of us all, right in the middle of the fuselage body for extra protection.... :)
  4. I have to admit, I was a little relieved to see a false bottom in the water tower when I first went to the Dunker at HMS Vernon (?). As we climbed up the tower I rehearsed my drills of waiting until all motion had ceased but could't help but think it was going to be some time before that happened, if it had to sink all the way to the bottom of the tower. When I got inside and could see the bottom all was well and I actually enjoyed it (being a product of RM Poole's swimming clubs as a kid) and really didn't know what the panic was about. An oppo of mine managed to get his head stuck somewhere but managed to get out, leaving his helmet behind. When the diver came up and presented him with his headgear the strap was still done up. Amazing what you can do when survival mode kicks in =)

    Yeovilton's new, unclunky and thoroughly professional gear made the yearly dunks a pleasure, especially as the Sqn SURVO, who was an absolutely brilliant bloke, managed to arrange it so we all did it in July.


    Ex-801 NAS SURVO :iconbiggrin:
  5. Remember doing the dunker back in mid 80's in Vernon ... one of our group was a RAF Group Captain sitting in the left hand seat ... I was in the right hand seat and just before his head went underwater I turned round to him and asked him if he crashed all his aircraft?
  6. HMS Manchester Flt Cdr Boris Johnson insisted that ALL his flight personnel endured the dunker as all would be flying at some stage.
    His action encouraged other flt cdrs to do the same, I expect it is now standard proceedure.
    I enjoyed it, however one or two of the flight were not os the same mind:toothy8:
  7. The funniest one I ever did was in Blackpool. It was like Postman Pats van in 5 feet of water. Remember in Heron, the way you were numbered off to go out one exit. I was first,so 'for the laugh' I jammed myself in the opening, holding my breath for all I was worth, while panic ensued behind me. Swift boot in the arse from the safety diver, and a bollcking from PO T****r afterwards.Happy days,:laughing5:
  8. It needed to be bigger, the amount of celebs that pop down for a go these days. Darren Gough turned up for a shot the other day. Nice bloke.
  9. If you go offshore you can pay £800 for the pleasure of doing this!!
  10. Pre dunk brief. And a certain N**** K, in a pair of dangerously tight shorts, with what appeared to be a banana shoved down the front, says...'Anything you can do in water, I'v done it'.Or words to that effect. Voice from the back of the group.. 'Well you haven't drowned you c**t'. Much laughing, followed by the beasting from hell.^^
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  11. Short chap?? Yorkshire man? Black hair? Complete dick??
  12. When I did it, I sat safe in the knowledge that for the first go, they'd give you a 'stand by - 3 - 2 - 1' so everyone could breath and nobody would panic. How wrong was I?

    However, what I took from it and recall to this day is that if I'm ever in an airy plane or whatever that decides to fall out of the sky into the oggin, is to find and hang onto my point of reference.
  13. The very man. (Not you I hope) :)

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