Dunkers' dits from Raleigh!


I remember Shovel Face when he was a Gunnery Officer!! :)

He wouldn't have stood for any nonsense.

I assume we are talking about the same person - initials DA?
Shovelface was at Collingwood when I did my basic training.
In those days, the top few in the course at the end of Part 2 got a loan draft as a reward. 5 of us got 3 months in Hong Kong. I was on the Beachampton. Seemingly Shovelface was the Jimmy, but I don't remember.

Perhaps I should have tried being sober.


Shakey said:
PartTimer said:
I thought No 4s were not permissable wear ashore anyway? IIRC it's No 1s or No 3s.
Yeah, that's correct. No 4s only if working ashore, and definitely NOT negative beret.
OK no 4s , but see them everyday , some with beret , most without , :twisted: :evil:

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