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Discussion in 'RMR' started by voxhubris, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi, couple of questions (thanks to ex-rubberdagger for directions)

    1. When's the intake to holding troop for Dundee detachment? Would like very much to get started, given a couple of phone calls to no avail (called the main office to apply too), calling tonight for more info and hopefully an invite!

    2. I've read pretty much all the info on fitness levels. Atm I run about 3 miles nearly every morning, do plenty of cycling and gym visits, got started on the reccommeded circuit training a few days ago, can do it at a push. Would I be ready for physical training in the holding troop? Can't wait to get started anyways.

    Cheers for all your answers.
  2. Hello again

    I can't help you with when there is a new intake for holding troop i'm afraid but a PM to ninja stoker who works at an AFCO might answer that for you. The RMR is notoriously slow at responding to E-mails, phone calls etc but a trip to your local AFCO to express interest or get some information wouldn't be a bad thing.

    Fitness. The levels of fitness that you are currently operating at is of a reasonable standard but there will always be room for improvement which is why your attempting to be a Royal Marine and those associated challenges. The training team at your unit will point you in the right direction regarding what you should be working on when you get to your unit. In the meantime just carry on as you are and concentrate on getting into the unit in question.

  3. Sorry rubberdagger, just realised after looking more closely at the forum both of those questions had been answered to a fair degree already! Thanks anyway, have phoned up nearest detachment and was told to come round next week for a look about. Cheers anyway, very useful stuff up here & in your answer.

    How many of the holding troop pass, on average (from your experience anyway), to get their green berets (not that it's going to stop me from trying!)
  4. Hello

    In my very humble experience around 5-6 out of 160 blokes
  5. bloody hellfire! Well I expected this to be hard. Guess I'd better hurry on down to the gym tomorrow! They failed the commando course or was it the other training programmes as well?

    If you have it in you then you should be fine. You have the added advantage of living in Scotland where a few weekend in the mountains training wouldn't hurt one bit. No they didn't all fail the actual course but fell by the wayside for whatever reason. Only 2 of us went down to CTC from my unit in 1992 and i came back succesful. Have to point out that the other lad was latr succesful on a later course.
  7. Well, eventful day today. Went down to the Bank Street, Dundee, after a phone call from main office. Was given a helpful talk through everything, and a wad of paperwork as thick as my arm was handed out. Just finished it all now! Just got to send it all back now I suppose!
  8. So basically you are now moving in the right direction, nice one!! Keep us informed as to how you progress.

  9. hey vox, thought i'd just say hey as I,m just about to start at Dundee det myself (just have the PJFT to do on Mon then I can head up to strathmore avenue). AFCO were pretty quick getting me through the selection, paperwork went in December, so hopefully see you soon at some point!


  10. Yeah I've been down strathmore avenue to take a looksie, better than I expected! Atm only been given a very loose date/time for my psychometric, and no date/time for any of the others, phoned up to ask why and they can only schedule the others when I pass the psych tests. They r on 28th so really I probs won't be able to go down again till mid-march.
    Anyway how did you find PJFT?
  11. Oh yeah forgot to ask my question for the day! I was told also there would be a "selection weekend" on and then an "induction weekend" for phase 1 basic training. Anyone know what goes on in these weekends or is it supposed to be a surprise?
  12. voxhubris, you have a PM.
  13. Checked and replied to thankyou dunkers
  14. hey vox,

    PJFT was fine, no problems! The bloke sets up the machine at 15k which will bring you in at 9:45, and you can put it up if you want. I just plodded along at 15 then put it up for the last half mile, brought me in at 9:33. Think I was quite lucky with the Psych tests, there was obviously quite a few navy lads needing to do it as well, hence why I was quite quick in getting processed. Hope it doesn't take too long mate,

  15. Just thought I'd leave a little update. Went back up to the Dundee Det last night, after I got a phone call telling me I could sign a waiver to do PT early as possible with their holding troop from National Office in the morning.

    Of course it turns out there isnt a holding troop formed yet at the det, and they've never heard of this mysterious waiver! Still a good night, did some weapon familiarisation with the commando troop (great bunch of guys) and had a bit more of a look round.

    Still a wee bit concerned about upper body strength, especially for the rope climbs and wall-scaling, but working on that and gradually able to do more etc etc.
    Good to hear about the PJFT thx Donnelly, off to the gym soonish to see if I can do it!
    Cheers mate
  16. To all concerned, just had a brief look see at some of the comments and the official date for the start of the Holding Troop at Dundee Det is 27/2/08. There is no reason why you cant turn up on either of the two Wednesday nights prior to its formation. If you have completed an induction medical then its FIZZ my lads! If not, then some introductions and familiarisations. So far the numbers are looking good and there should be 7ish starting. The more you put in now then the easier it will be in May...trust me I am a canoe instructor!
  17. :laughing3: Brilliant.

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