Due to join the RMR prior service check and security vetting worry


Hi all.

I've started an application recently to join the RMR. I'm just wondering what is a stopper on prior service and what kind of crimes usually prevent SC being granted? Thanks!

So here's my situation.

In cronoligical order-

When I was 11- posession of an offensive weapon in a public place (it was a BB gun and a metal police cosh) I recoeved a warning for this
17- criminal damage (argument at home, I threw a brush into the staircase and the brush snapped :L ) I was reffered to a youth offending team, who after speaking to me said I don't need to contact them again as they understood the reasons behind the situation.
18- conviction for battery (and breach of bail condtions for harrasment twice)
20- PND (penalty notice for disorder) (theft act 1968)
and inbetween there the police have been phoned a few times to come to the house due to arguments my family have had... and I was obviously apart of them and thus questioned. Can't wait to leave here!

I'd say that was it, but it's not really is it. I'm finacially alright, medically, and pretty normal in most other aspects... And I'd never attempt a cough against the Government! I've also been in the Army altogether for about 18 months Regular/Reserve and signed official secrets acts etc and no dramas there!

This is my full criminal history, I'm almost 22 now so is it all time dependent or based on honesty? I'm pretty worried about this but time will only tell!

Thanks all!
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Ninja_Stoker Yeah that's me too pal. I'm trying to get as many answers as possible :)

And I left after 2 weeks because I tried basically convicing myself I could go for the Paras because I couldn't get in the RM's due to a conviction, however the ROA is now changing so good news! Just security clearanceand prior service checks. It was an admin discharge, I requested it. Nothing dodgy.