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The Po Stoker - being the impossibly romantic soul that he is, takes me on a city break every year for our wedding anniversary. This year I have suggested Dubai. He, being difficult to please, and last visiting Dubai 15 years ago, insists that there is not enough to do there to fill a week.

Apart from confining ourselves to our hotel to pass the time, can you please make clean suggestions of some things that might be done in Dubai. I hear the shopping is excellent.


Seaweed said:
Skiing! and a camel ride .. and be sure to cover your hair.
Try shopping 'til you drop at any of the 5 large or numerous small malls, buy gold or diamonds reasonably cheaply, fabric's the same. If theme parks are you there are 2 good water parks, one in DBX one an hour away. Try a desert drive, excellent white knuckle fun with scran, camel rides and belly dancing(!) thrown in. Dozens of very good, hundreds of reasonable restaurants many of which look worse than the old lorry drivers pit stops. Worth a pair of hours are the open top London Tpt type double decker tours. Check the temps as walking around is a non-starter for much of the time in the summer.

Its like a bloody building site if you are anywhere near Jumeira (sp?) beach mate.
Even so, the water park is fantastic (from memory). You don't even have to climb steps, just sit in a hoop on the oggin and the current takes you up!!


War Hero
I flew the family out to the UAE back in May,staying at this resort in Ras Al Khaimah, which I can reccomend.Web Page Name We avoided staying in Dubai because we had the kids wih us. and iI was glad I took that decision. It was my first visit to Dubai since the mid 90s, and I was suprised at the amount of expansion that has gone on. Dubai has fantastic malls, but for real bargains hit the old Souk. The Wild Wadi Water Park is also worth a visit. Dont miss the chance to take the Abra (water taxi) across the creek one evening. Avoid travelling during the rush hour, and allow extra travelling time for moving around Dubai by taxi( one journey of 4 miles took nearly an hour), and like all midde eastern cities, walking long distances is neither practicable or particularily comortable in the summer.
The desert safaris are great as well.

Thoroughly recommend Dubai, been here 18 months and still having fun. True there is a lot of expansion going on (construction & infrastructure), but Dubai and the rest of the U.A.E. is well worth a visit.

Things to do:

Wild Wadi - Swim Park
Karama - shopping (erm, not quite, well, kosher shopping)
Desert Safari - Day Trips and Over nighters
Shopping - Burjaman, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta
Sight Seeing - Museums, Heritage Village, Burj Al Arab
Souks - Gold, Spice, New Gold and Gold & Diamond

Dubai is also a good base to go to Fujeirah on the Indian Ocean, Hatta (200 year old heritage village), Ras Al Khamiah, Dune Bashin, Wadi Bashing, Mountain driving.

Abu Dhabi is an hour and a half away, from there you have Al Ain and the Empty Quarter.

There are lots and lots and lots of bars (serving alcohol) restaurants, cafes, and Hookah (Sheesha) cafes.

Dates to avoid:-

Ramadan (this year is around the 13th/14th September to the 12th/13th October) due to the licensing laws, no alcohol will be served until 7pm and there will be no live music.
Religous holidays (just had one, there is usually a 24hr ban on booze)

Couple of good websites:
Including the humour, I don't think there is a bad review on this forum for Dubai, so get PO Stoker to fish his wallet out and get the flights booked.

Don't know where you'll be coming from, but KLM & Emirates are by far the best. You will need to come through Heathrow with BA, and as they are achieving Olympic status with the number of bags they lose, they are not worth the risk.

Defintiley recommend KLM, great airline, laid back staff, and coming through Schipol is a breeze, Emirates are usually direct from Glasgow, Manchester and London.

Edited, because I just read Chaz's message and spotted my ugly spelling!!


Trooped_Again said:
Don't where you'll be coming from, but KLM & Emirates and by far the best, you need to come through Heathrow with BA, and they are achieving Olympic status with the number of bags they lose, not worth the risk.

I flew Royal Brunei Airlines out there who apart from being "dry" were exceptional, certainly up there with Emirates who I've also flown with to the same location.

Royal Brunei were also the cheapest, flight including taxes etc was about £230 about 18 months ago.
Emirates are the cats pyjamas and Dubai is great for diving (if that floats your boat).
Like everywhere else, a change is as good as a rest.
Ah now, not that I would dare, I mean, never would I assume that you, well, would be, were, in fact, that you wouldn't, I mean, erm, you're not then?

So why are you green then?


War Hero
the last time I was there the diving in Dubai wasn't up to much, although that was a few years ago.

OTOH the golf is good.
The diving is good on the Fujeirah side of the Emirates, about an hour and a half away. Indian Ocean side.

Golf is bloody expensive and it's summer, so waiting for winter, cooler but EVEN MORE expensive.

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