Dual nationality?


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Ok, I had my officer brief today, got the forms home and it asked me if I had a dual nationality. I asked my parents, because I'm mixed race and wasn't sure what they've done while I was younger and apparently I am a dual national.

I was born in the UK, lived here until I was 14, moved to Pakistan to "experience the world a bit" for about 8 months then came back and continued life as normal. Am now 17, nearly 18.

Is this going to mess up my application? Hopefully not as I was only 14 and didn't really have that much of a choice in this whole thing :)

Any ideas?
Nationality and residence are different things and you'd be advised to speak to the AFCO in detail about the implications, you could quite easily be a dual UK/ Pakistan national without ever having visited Pakistan.

Essentially do you hold, or could you be entitled to hold, a passport issued by Pakistan?

I would strongly recommend having the discussion with the AFCO though, as they have sight of the most recent policy with respect to this issue.


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I don't have a passport from Pakistan no, not sure about the entitlement, going to have to ask my dad about that I think. I just have some "overseas Pakistani card." It just entitles me to go there without a visa because my dad's Asian, no big deal.

I think I might have to wait 3 years from the date coming back, which will bring me up to October which will be annoying, but what will be will be.


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Ah, turns out it was 2005 I went not 2006, and my Mum got it a bit wrong, which means the 3 years are over and it's not a big deal I don't think.

Going to get in contact with the ACLO tomorrow :)

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