Dual citizenship?

I am currently going through the process leading up to joining the RN as a mine clearance diver. However I am a little confused about something.
I was born in England and hold a British passport. However at the age of seven I moved to South Africa where I have lived ever since. I also have SA citizenship. When I phoned the RN and told the adviser my situation she said that because of my I have lived outside the UK for more than 3 years she must send me a specific application for which I must fill out and send back. But when I received it, it was headed "...RECRUITS FROM OUTSIDE THE UNITED KINGDOM" and after reading through the form I realized it was for for NON-British citizens.

This morning I phoned and talked to the same adviser. It sounded like there was a misunderstanding and she said she thought I was Dual -British. But after telling her I was born in England and have a UK passport she changed my details and said I must go to England and meet them.

I am confused about this Dual British status. Because I hold a UK as well as a SA passport does this make me Dual-British? Will having dual citizenship jeopardize my chance of entry?

We saw it the first time mate, no need to post it in every forum on the site.

Be patient and wait for your AFCO to get in touch.

Edited to add: Yes you are dual British if you hold two passports. Your application may have implications if you want to keep your Saffer passport as well.

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