DTR - the New Partnership thickening of plot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Levers_Aligned, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Just in case you're not keeping up with the latest on this outstandingly gross waste of public money/idiotic, ill-advised forcing together of incompatible tri-service training methodology, Land Services Trillium (a significant chunk of the Metrix partnership signed up a few years ago to take Armed Forces Training forward into the future (etc) have pulled out of the game. This could be because they suddenly realised that Gord and his buddies will very soon be skint as the country's economy goes down the crapper (see also the amount of tax defecit we are in since Xmas and how much more public debt we've collectively taken on bailing out bankers and their opulent lifestyles) and basically wouldn't be able to bail them out on PFI promises in future. So, the company feted to build the massive 'superhangar' at St Athan where RN, RAF and Army training will be shoehorned and fit it out on the cheap has gone. They are going to be replaced by ...

    and the winner is ...


    Yep, the French catering company. You heard it. Catering. Go on. Check their website. They are mightily chuffed to be taking the place of LST, and by the look of it, no one in the DTR IPT seems to have told them yet what they may be required to do, yet. Seems to me they think they are in it to dish out substandard meals with indignant, stroppy staff (as usual) and run the NAAFI or summat. Mate of mine says that a big 'yay!' puff leaflet is circulating some establishments trumpeting the value of bringing Sodexho on board, with the central pillar being 'it's good, because we know them and they know us.' Yes. We know them. They are the twerps who have serially bummed our scran to death and serve up shyt, shyt and more shyt. They know us because we are matelots and have no effective way of boycotting their shabby services, save for paying Spar all our monthly dues. What we don't know is what busness they have in training, what past projects they have triumphed at, and what benchmarks we can set their work against. According to Private Eye, the prisons inspectorate 'know them' only too well - they've already been lambasted for one or two less than satisfactory inspections, and that is for prisoners - people who for everyone will know rank higher than whaleshyt (i.e service personnel) when it comes to luxury. It's like giving the building of your extension to a chef.

    Some MPs (admittedly our of Gordos earshot) are already proclaiming the project as doomed. Its gone £1Bn over budget already and thats before we've cut the first turf. Quite where we will be when they've delayed the carriers by another two years, sold two Type 45s, cut manning levels to 20k and matched America's troop gesture by 10 of those twenty is anyone's guess. No, I lie. I know where we will be by 2012. In the shyt. Big style.

    There'sa poingnant picture in the PE of Brown leaning over a schholkid in class saying "What do you want to be when you get older?" to which the kid replies, "Not in debt, sir."

    One trillion of debt two years ago, plus another trillion taken on since the financial collapse. Coule that with all the crazy PFI projects going on (London Hospital for one) and you can see that not only will we not have state pensions to look forward to, but our kids will be shouldering this baby for most of their lives.

  2. I quite concur. A company whom scran is a byword for slop and leftovers and cheesy hammy eggys less than once a month (criminal!), the thought of them being a major partner in DTR makes the skin crawl.
    Speaking to instructors here at Sultan they are going to have an issue anyway. Most of, if not all, instructors here are refusing to move to Wales to teach. This means that the few courses here taught to matelots by matelots are going to dry up. All courses will end up in St Athans taught by civvy instructors with absolutely no intimation of service life.
  3. And yes im fully aware there will be instructors drafted, however the amount of gap billets at Sultan at the mo speaks for itself, and theres a difference between a drafted matelot and and an ex matelot wanting to teach..
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sodexho are quiet big in civvy street on the corporate conference side of life. After all a plate of stale biccies, flask of lukewarm tea or coffee and an OH projector, swap the suits for uniforms and what's the difference? :wink:
  5. If their training is anything like their cleaning contracts!!!!

    This company sets low standards and fails to achieve them.

    Dooomed, we're dooooomed!!!
  6. It could be worse - they could be planning to bring trainers in from Froggieland and deliver training in French! Oooh, you don't think that is REALLY what they have in mind do you?

    But back onto the scran side - you would think a country that prides itself on cuisine could do a bit better than the crud they dish out - or, once again my conspiracy theory node is working overtime, is this their way of getting back at us for Trafalgar?
  7. Ship wreck where did you get the info that Sodexho had the contract? RX Had a bloke down last week from Metrix (EDS) going over training plans
  8. Mertix havent pulled out but have gone 50/50 with Sodexho. Still a pile of shit

  9. The amount of civil serpant vacant post at Sultan says it all really...The current MOD instructors in post now may not want to move, and I congratulate them on their solidarity - but they either relocate (and get shafted with TUPE) or lose their jobs.
  10. But with Sodexho involved the shit won't get cleaned up for a long while!!!
  11. Maybe it's a ruse to enable their bomber drivers, navigators and UCs to get better training on the QT...................
  12. "RAF St Athan, home of the Vulcan bomber" ? Even for the WAIL, that's taking journalistic license a bit too far. :dontknow:
  13. Covered at length in the current Private Eye and the previous issue- would link, but Hislop doesn't seem to have got the hang of putting things on the web....
  14. Just a thought, when Sodhexo were holders of the catering contract for parts of Messy Beast they were almost universally known as Sodofski.

  15. Can you blame them not wanting to move?

    Would you move your family to one of the worst shitholes in the UK so Liebour can buy some taff votes?
  16. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    The local Labour MP to St Athan has been actively spinning the whole DTA thing in an exponential upward path. Rather than tell the truth (now that would be a change) about the fact that the project is already overheating (as most PFI projects do) to the tune of £1bn, he's swanning round telling anyone who will listen that his pals in thatLondon are investing £1Bn more cash into the project ... presumably to curry favour with his constituency.

    What exactly is inherently wrong with public sector contracts, anyway? Why does the MoD feck up so badly when it comes to getting the best from what it sees as the best suppliers? Why do thos suppliers make a trade of fecking the MoD (and indeed the taxpayer) up the arsh so many times? Since 1997 (when we all kinda hoped a new style of Government would come in and wash the morally corrupt, fiscally-inept, corporately-devisive Tories off the streets and down the nearest drain) our government has spent £7.1bn on MoD contracted consultancy fees alone. Since 1997 we have gone from being a far from perfect, but inherently functional Armed Forces to one which is stretched drum tight, with depleting morale, equipmnt issues, identity crises and a whole other raft of deep-seated snags from recruitment and retention to our overarching capability to defend this island nation and her 60 million people. And yet we go about our business, come-day-go-day, the people on the street (whom Gord and his pals are wastefully pissing their cash down the pan) just blindside it like it matters not.

    And that bastard at the RBS still insists on drawing his pension.

    In any other country, the people would be in the streets right now tearing down the gates of Downing Street.

  17. You have got it
    It is just the Brit public are a bit slow

    Believe me the Brit public are about to explode, it is like a tinderbox

    I reckon by about Nov there will be riots like never before, possibly sooner rather than later

    Also I belive we are about to enter civil war in about two years

    Jack McH
  18. I don't think so Jack - give Joe Public his reality TV, his SKY football and endless repeats of A TOUCH OF FROST, and he couldn't give a flying feck about politics - the will to take to the streets has long gone, despite the attempts of the media to bring it on - the public are so p+ssed off, they couldn't give a monkeys.
  19. Oh, I don't know. even before the credit crunch hit, I felt that there was a lot of latent rage out there at the inequalities in society, and the greed and lack of leadership so horribly apparent among our political and corporate 'elite'. When people had money in their pocket and were certain of a roof over their heads, it was kept in abeyance. Now we've increasing numbers of people with neither, the next year or so could be interesting, and when it does happen, like the fuel protests and the recent kerfuffle about migrant workers it will be something from left field, utterly unheralded by the arrseclowns in the media.

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