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Dryad produced WWIII film eighties vintage


Lantern Swinger
Right the old grey cells are a bit hazy on the details here.What I am trying to find out is if anyone has a copy of a SSVC video that was doing the rounds in the 80's.
Soundtrack of Frankie Goes to Hollywood 'Two Tribes'.

It showed the build up of tension leading to war. lots of grainy shots of sov hardware (tanks rolling, SAMS training, Ships sailing and TU22 scrambling). On our side steely shots of Destroyers turning hard, missiles whooshing, guns going bang, SHAR ski jumping accompianed by the build up of chatter from the OPs room. Ops room scenes filmed in the trainers at Dryad. It culminated in a ASM attack if I remember correctly.

Sad I know but it always sticks in my mind that there is a section where the Yeoman is told to maneovere the main body, rousing stuff :)with a 42 heeling to Stbd to clear weapon arcs..........*

Found similar stuff on YuTube, but this was one that I would like to see again.

Probably PM R because of the warcrys in the Ops Room chatter but if not and someone knows where I can find a copy I would appreciate the heads up. (strange realising that I no longer have a 'need to know').

*And yes as I have previously stated before many times on here I do need to get a life!
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Lantern Swinger
Sounds horney...!

Never saw it though; probably because FGH's 'Two Tribes' was released during my last year in the mob.