Dry dock renovation for carriers - Rosyth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Rosyth

    Well they seem confident
  2. Des Browne said: "This programme will bring real benefits to Fife and Scotland."

    Nuff said… :threaten:
  3. What benefits, preceisly?

    A few hundred more sailors getting pissed in Dunfermline at the weekend?
  4. There was great blowing of trumpets and money spent when they dug that great big hole next to the dockyad for the V boats that were going to be based there. Another expensive white elephant.
  5. It's well known why Rosyth lost the contract for V boat refits.

    What's going to happen if the Nationalists get their own way and succeed in banning the V boat successors?

    Why give Rosyth any more contracts, as there will obviously be no votes in it for Labour Lite?
  6. I would imagine not giving Rosyth the contract could put the dockyard into serious difficultly, putting it in danger of closure, hence job losses in the PM's own back yard. End result more votes for the SNP.
  7. Not entirely sure what Rosyth is going to be doing - assuming this is not another white elephant - but what about the air draft under the bridges? I seem to remember it was tight to say the least for some ships and the largest carriers used to go to anchor at St. Davids.
  8. As soon as Liebor realise they've lost Scotland, what odds do you give any English Liebour MP giving a stuff what happens in Irn Broon's backyard?
  9. Thats why they are knocking the bridge down and digging a tunnel :thumright:
  10. Liebour will only lose Scotland when Glasgow stops voting for them... do you think this will happen any time soon :whew:

    PS "Irn Broon", nice one :thumright:
  11. CVF

    Hopefully bigger than this

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