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Drunken bid to 'bomb' warship

Drunken bid to 'bomb' warship

By Ralph Riegel

10 February 2006
A drunk armed with two firebombs almost single-handedly ended an historic Royal Navy courtesy visit to mark Cork's reign as EU Capital of Culture.

Terence O'Brien (36) was brought down by a garda as he approached the warship, HMS Richmond, with the apparent intention of attacking its helicopter.

Det-Gda Jim Nyhan rugby-tackled O'Brien as he attempted to rush towards the frigate on February 12 last, Cork Circuit Criminal Court heard.

Both bottles in O'Brien's possession were smashed on the quayside and it subsequently emerged that they contained a flammable cocktail of petrol and sugar.

Gardai said if the fire bombs had been successfully thrown and ignited on the warship or the Westland Lynx helicopter, the consequences could have been very serious.

Judge Patrick Moran was told that the HMS Richmond was berthed in Cork city centre for a courtesy visit.

Bisley said:
Sh1t if we were the Israel's Dublin would be flattened by now.

I'm sure the residents of Cork would see that as a plus! :)

I visited Cork several years ago on the Ledbury; at a SRs RPC at the Irish Navy Base at Haulbowline we were greeted by the Mess Pres, a Dubliner, offering Guinness and the Vice-Pres from Cork offering Murphys; our host (a non-partisan Irishman from elsewhere) advised us of the regional rivalry - so not wishing to offend either we ended up drinking both!

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