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These namby pamby law makers should stop drink driving completly and make the limit 0%. It may discourage people from taking their car for a pint if pubs did not have car parks.
People charged with causing death by dangerous driving may well say i did'nt mean it, it was an accident and i'm very sorry, but the fact they got behind the wheel of a car after they had been drinking means they don't give a shit about the concequenses :evil: :evil: :evil:


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Angwash, a limit of 0 is almost impossible to acheive, there are so many substances that will contain ingrediants that will make the reading over that. I believe that the level is about right, allows anyone to have a sensible pint with a meal, maybe a little more of the weaker stuff but I always stick to a pint if driving.
If you had a reasonable night on the pop its extremely unlikely that you would blow a 0 in the morning and I'm not talking about being PXCD out your head. Is that what you really want?

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