Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rookie-WWFC, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. I have My RT soon and am confident i can do quite well on it. Also i've been doing a lot of fitness work which hopefully pays off. If my interview goes well can anybody tell me of my chances of getting in? I am a 17 year old with 10 decent GCSE's ranging from A *'s to C's (predominantly the latter) as well as 4 passes at AS level although they don't score UCAS points for the Navy's selection process.

    As well as this I have a concern, which i feel is probably a common one, I have in the past smoked Cannabis although not a lot but since deciding this is my Career choice i haven't touched it for a while. I know the dates i last smoked it and have been told a different number of days for it to be out my system the highest of which is 41, can anybody confirm this for me? As well as this i have been exposed to quite a lot of passive smoke although this too i have tried to cut down on do you know if this will fial me on the drugs test?

    I know it has been irresponsible of me to have messed about with illegal drugs but i am prepared to not expose myself to passive smoke but obviously this means seeing less of my friends which i am not keen on but i realy would like to pursue this career and have put a fair bit of effort into it since finishing college.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I have never smoked myself - not fags or wacky backy, as I like to keep fit and box - but I believe it stays in your system for two or three months! I imagine that if you inhale enough of ot passively it will be detectable too. So stop now!
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    Yeah, that.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: ...

    The Armed Forces random Compulsory Drug Test is under review at present and it is possible that a hair sample as well as urine sample will be used. Hair samples can reveal a history of drug useage & will make a user ineligible to continue to serve.

    If you are or were a habitual drug user, then you need to seriously consider whether the Royal Navy or Royal Marines are for you. Possibly staying off them for maybe six or twelve months would be a better gauge of whether you are cut out for a military lifestyle and not dependent in anyway- it also gives you up to 12 months to get yourself fit. Episiodes of psychosis, particularly from Cannabis use, can be an additional medical issue in itself.

    At risk of preaching to you: The Policy on Drugs Misuse, on the Application Form Information & Guidance Booklet (AFCO Form 5, March 2007) states the following:

    Drug Misuse

    The short, medium & long term effects of illegal drug misuse can have a damaging impact on mental and physical fitness and health, and therefore constitute a direct threat both to the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces and to the security & safety of Service personnel and, potentially, the civilians they protect. Illegal misuse of drugs by service personnel also damages the reputation and standing of the Armed Forces. Criminal convictions for trafficking or supply of any class and type of drug will bar entry into the Services.

    You should be aware:


    1. Candidates are not eligible for entry into the Naval Service and are not to be processed with any of the following unspent convictions:

    e. Misuse of Drugs:

    (I) Any offence relating to Trafficking or Supply of drugs.

    (II) Any offence relating to the use of Class A drugs.

    (III) More than one conviction for "possession for personal use" of a Class B or C drug.

    Hope that helps & good luck.
  5. As I Civie Cop I would expect to see drugs show up on hair samples for months after use, so would agree stay away from it for 12 months. Its not impossible to get a positive reading from passive smoking - at least thats what I am told by the ones who test positive and have NEVER smoked it - but they could be lying?!

    If you are worried about 42 days, that would suggest your use is fairly recent? I would be concerned if they tested you now.

    And unlike Ninja, I don't care if I upset you, why exactly do you want to hang around with people who do drugs? Change your friends rather than seeing less of the dope smoking present ones. Well you did ask!
  6. If you only have had the odd joint here and there in the past mate i wouldnt worry if you had one say 4 weeks ago. P1ss tests is what they do not hair samples. You will be ok fella, you're not the first guy to go into recruiting worried about this and you wont be the last. I have heard of guys get p1ss tested after having a few joints a few days prior and they passed ok. If you want a career in the mob mate then steer clear 100 percent.
  7. The top and bottom of all this IS ____Kick them into touch turn your back on any form of drug forever and with your academic record you will do well
  8. I believe cannabis can be detected in your system up to 30 days after ingestion throught the good ole piss test - hair samples its 6 months for a definitive answer but can still be detected 12-18 months after.
  9. As far as I'm aware, cannabis can be detected in hair samples until it grows out.
  10. I find it truly astounding how many people 'don't do drugs but they might show up in samples because of passive smoking' blah blah blah

    Having been on the Cdres table several times in my career as a divisional officer doing my bit by putting this story across in defence of some oxygen thief only for the Regulators to produce a hair sample to prove the opposite I can only be suspicious of anyone who comes out with such claptrap :threaten:
  11. "i wouldnt worry if you had one say 4 weeks ago. P1ss tests is what they do not hair samples"

    I know of 2 that happened in just the few months my hubs was at Raleigh

    they brought a dog in and it sniffed the pillow and went mad, he passed a piss test, but now in civvy street due to failing the hair sample test (weed)

    Also a guy had it in his car, said it wasnt his (rummor mill was he was set up and the stuff wasnt his) but he had smoked in the past, as again he passed the piss test and failed the hair sample, again now on civvy street (weed)

    Good Luck, leave the stuff well alone and leave your so called mates too, you will make better ones in the RN
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Any talk about how long drugs stay in the body is purely speculative, depending on your metabolism, amount and type of drugs taken, etc. Ignore the lower deck lawyers who tell you it stays in the blood/urine/hair/etc. for xxx number of days... :roll:

    Simple answer: if you take it, it will be detected (depending on the method of test). The RN's actions upon detention depend on the circumstances; if you are applying, they may be more lenient as to your motives for taking drugs prior to entry. If you take them whilst serving you run an increased risk of being caught out, investigated and/or dismissed (with or without a criminal record, depending on the method of detection).
  13. Im not defending this chap, but since it only stays in your body 2-3 months, and your hair until it grows out... wouldn't it be a clever idea to just shave your hair off?
  14. That's what I was thinking. A number one or two must only be a few weeks growth?
  15. It's not just the hair on your head guys... ;)
  16. It would depend what you are I would imagine - if the RN is anything like the army then shaved heads don't go down well in the wardroom.
  17. Fair enough, i think i read some where that upon entry to Raleigh you get a No.2 all over anyway?
  18. He'd better get fond of the bic then!!!
  19. LOL!

    *Does his best Grant Mitchell impression* :threaten:
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong (and this opportunity is open only to those who know for professional reasons, and not 15 year-olds with a fcuking opinion), but the first drugs test that you are given after joining up will be long enough after your join-up date so that the only drugs that can be detected are those which you have taken whilst in the service. Furthermore, the only method of CDT used is urine samples. Tests of hair samples would only ever be used in unusual circumstances.

    Additionally, tests have been done on 'passive smoking' levels, so don't even think about trying to use that as an excuse unless it is the complete truth (in which case, you probably wouldn't even be charged in the first place!)

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