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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by mattbea, May 31, 2008.

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  1. hey there everybody, just wondering this but if by any chance I do pass my interview in a weeks time and do the medical and drugs test, if I test positive for drugs what will happen? yesterday I only went and got drunk and had a smoke with somebody and I hate the stuff anyway but thats how drunk I was! but now am worrying what might happen
  2. Hopefully you will fail.

    Getting drunk is no excuse for smoking pot.
  3. Ah well, shit happens. So what's your alternative career choice?
  4. try again another time, im not a usual drug taker mate I was drunk and drink can make people do silly things..... Im not sure to withheld my application anyway as I got a few financial problems at the moment and feel I am wasting everybodys time, I would rather apply problem free but not sure what to do right now
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    That's no excuse. Do us all a favour and don't bother applying now as you will be caught out when you get tested.
  6. I would not have put this post if I didnt feel bad about it, got my interview next week so I will give afco a ring anyway about it, what a nobhead of myself to do it
  7. Give it a go mate what you do in civvy street is your business lots of kids experiment, if you are asked at the interview be honest and don't do it again. Enjoy a good career, ignore some of the outdated old farts that place old fashioned thoughts and opinions on the site. Financial stability, great mates and respect, but for fcuks sake behave and be sensible in future and maybe avoid the people you are mixing with at the moment - ther'e not good for you if you join you won't want to be with them anyay stand by for a lifestyle change enjoy and crack on shippers - sorry for the pun
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  8. thanks mate, I did tell them I did not want anything and as I got totally drunk I ended up having some... got to sort out this financial side of things but hopefully will pass this interview and everything else first but will give it a go! thanks mate
  9. Mattbea
    Just PM'd you mate
  10. Do you get tested at selection now? You didnt when i did my medical 2 and a half years ago. You give a urine sample. But the nurse checks this while you are there. Im sure its to test for some medical condition (cant rember what though) once she tests it (takes seconds) she then ditched it in fromnt of me. Im pritty sure it wasnt a drug test as these take weeks to come back not seconds.
    Your still a civi and although taking drugs isnt a good thing, many of the older people on here fail to realise how 'normal' it is for young people in 2008. What you do when your a civi is your buisness. That all changes the day you sign on the dotted line.
    I rember the master at arms talking to us on the second day at raleigh. He said we would not be tested in the first 4/5 weeks of training as this allowed time for anything you did as a civillian to leave your system.
    After this period then you are fair game for the drug test team.
  11. you could have a good point there then, there is urine tests that will test for drugs there and then though as I had one just before xmas at somewhere I worked (no I did not fail it) but I will have to really ring up my afco and explain just incase time is wasted, has got me worrying alot about it and yea some guys fail to realise the year we are in... It does say on guidance notes the armed forces recognise misuse amongst the young and basically is not a bar from entry just I was wondering if that meant once you have swore the oath and actually been offered a position that the drugs misuse policy applies
  12. dose anyone now how long weed/green/skunk stays in your system due to 2nd hand smoking as all my mates smoke it like its goin out of fashion and so dose my older brother i have never touched it and never will just because a splif contains tabbaco an dats a **** i never want to experience .

    but i sometimes fear that i could have some in my system because of my friends and i know most people will say get new friends but i like the ones i have an alot of us civilians smoke the shit.
  13. well was same thing for me yesterday, thought I felt wierd after sitting in the same room but was drinking alot so was not sure what it was and next minute I could hardly remember anything but just smoking some! which I did say I did not want any but it is the wrong crowd to be envolved with. think its 2 weeks or around that to stay in your system but 2nd hand smoking I dought will affect you too much. keeping fit and a good metabolism will be quicker for it to leave the system
  14. Diabetes as far as I can recall, one of the medics will be able to clarify.

    There is a recognition that it happens, but it's a bit f*ing stupid to do it just before you know you've got a test coming up, and as already highlighted being drunk is no excuse.

    There are issues with even cannabis; regular use in the brain development stages does increase the risk of psychiatric illness. That risk is higher, clearly, in those who are already at increased risk through family history and the like. From my own reading on the topic the biggest threat is schizophrenia. Clearly that isn't going to create an immediate risk to ones colleagues, as in the case of a history of hallucinogenic use, but it does generate the potential for some longer term administrative overhead. The figures aren't high, but they are credible.

    Indeed it is, however usage does indicate something about the candidate. The implications of a regular or occasional user are different, and it is potentially part of the wider picture.

    It may be that any testing at the interview stage isn't factored into the offer of a job, it might be for the collection of statistics. In this instance I think the best bet would be to be open about the fact that it's happened.

    Personally I tend not to support the slippery slope argument, cannabis use isn't inherently a route to other substances.

    However I'm not a big fan of stupidity and p!ss poor judgement.
  15. thanks mate
  16. on the guidance notes it does say "the armed forces recognise, however, that drugs misuse is increasingly common in civilian life, particularly among the young, and that you may have misused drugs yourself in the past. This will not necessarily prevent you from enlisting, as all applications are considered individually and acceptance into the services will depend on the frequency of use and the class and type of drug that has been misused" so ok its understandable but I am wondering if that rule applies at a certain time of recruitment process? and that is only to find out as I have took some recently and not the fact I take it much at all.. I have smoked it before but years ago I think this topic will be quite usefull to others as well
  17. sorry i dont care if every man and his dog are doing it outside the navy, it isn't illegal for nothing. if you were too week to say no once, what will happen the next time you're home on leave, get shitfaced and your brother or "mates" offer it to you again?
  18. you have to F up to learn, mistakes do happen and if they didnt then there would be no right way either, and it is not illegal to take drugs but it is to possess them as far as I know but you do make a good point
  19. So how does one consume without being in possession?
  20. Danny, it is not "normal" to take drugs no matter how old you are. Doing drugs is still an illegal activity and as such is still frowned upon by most governments and their armed forces. Whether it is "normal" in a teenybop's underdeveloped brain to indulge still remains an illegal activity. Whether the Forces recognize the "misuse" of drugs as not a complete bar to entry it still is not the green light to go ahead and indulge up until one flips their first high five.

    Now ask yourself this, would you want to serve and depend on your life being looked out for by someone that has a propensity to suck a few tokes whenever they have too much booze?

    As for what Matt does as a civvy being his own business, what a load of el torro. The whole purpose of recruitment screening is to get into the applicant's life. If he wants to remain in his private realm, then he need not apply.

    Matt, if you have indulged in illegal drugs (and that goes for misuse of Rx drugs) then you are obliged to up the info to your recruiter. If you have to defer, then accepts it as a consequence to your actions and suck it up buttercup.

    Many recruits don't fully understand the implications of drug use and why they are rejected, or deferred for a set length of time for reapplication.

    For example: The use of some psychotropics has been demonstrated to affect the user long after they stop using them. The use of some of these psychotropics are a sure fire way to be rejected as the user can never be trusted to not suffer a long term effect. Other pyschotropic use will result in a waiting period for application. The medical staffers will make the call on what is rejectable and what is a wait out.

    So congratulations, by smoking dope, you've just made yourself a special candidate (you know like the ones who think that their disease, skin affliction, asthma will make them suitable and special candidates for the Armed Forces).

    You may be lucky and have a horse shoe or two shoved up your ass and
    get past the drug screening questions. Excusing yourself based on the overuse of alcohol is in and of itself merely a coverup. I was in the navy for over 20 years, got absolutely shitfaced some days but never, not once was tempted to suck on, swallow, snort, inject the drug of choice being passed around.

    Being exposed to a drug culture is not restricted to this current generation. Drugs have been around for eons. My generation, as well as Nutty's, Hig's, Karma's et al have all had exposure to a drug culture. What you are seeing by the their responses is a thing called ethics not just an old fart response.

    In the mean time, rather than hope you get passed all the screenings, why not delve into the reasons why you are susceptible to peer influence while under the effects of alcohol. If you can suck on a joint while drunk, how much would you need to devulge a classified document or cause an international incident? Seems to me, your alcohol shut off valve is malfunctioning. Best see to that before you move on to anything else.
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