Drugs and the royal navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. my dumb ass friend who wants to join the RM went to a party and gets talking to the wrong crowd of people and ended up going off around the guys house and smoked some weed, he said he had 2 'joints', i went over and told him not be a dumb ass, but no he said he wanted to 'live life' before he joins....

    My first question is, if he tells his AFCO that this event happened will they understand that he was only trying it and its not going to stop him in the future, or is he best to keep it to himself? hes done the medical in the joining process and has a fitness test in 3 days....

    Secoundly, is this going to effect me? i was with by a bunch of people smoking weed and all that 'weed' smoke, will it ruin my chances?

    would be good to here from a recruiting officer or somone who knows a tale or two (true dits not fake) about something like this.
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  2. You and your 'mate' are both fucked. Bye bye.

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  3. No problem.
  4. His idea of 'living life before he joins' is smoking weed round some random blokes house, interesting! I have no idea, i would not imagine they do a random drugs test at the fitness test, and the militarys stance zero drug policy is pretty clear soooo telling the afco would be interesting?
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  5. It's all pretty irrelevant.

    Anyone who uses terms such as 'dumb ass' is clearly unemployable.
  6. thats what i thought .... he just wanted to know the feeling of getting high, everyone does it where im from cos there dumb... simple as, i thought that was the case with the policy, best keep it to himself i guess
  7. If it's in your system, they'll find it. You get CDT'd when you join, if your clear, crack on, if not take enough money for the train fare home as you won't get a freebie rail warrant.
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  8. i am ... im only 16
  9. Impressive, you have the English language skills of someone much younger. Chapeau.
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    He's fucked and so are you, drugs stay in your system for 11 years. I suggest the best way to beat the system is to shave all your hair off (They cant test it if you aint got it) this includes pubic hair. Also get a mate to piss in a bottle, alway carry this around with you incase you need it for a random drug test. (The police were given little known right to conduct these September last year, if you fail one it will show up in your pre joining police checks). Think about having a total blood transfusion, you'll need to plug in with a mate and swap blood over.

    Best of luck.
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  11. 10plnts of rough scrumpy always did it for me, and if I managed not to vom bonus. If anyone is serious about joining up then any drugs not legally supplied will get you ditched , I would not want to know some dope head had my back, bin the tosser and get some one I can trust
  12. so kind, thanks
  13. But a 'legal' danger through incapacity is OK then? Always better to be killed through the actions of a drunk rather than a 'druggie' in my mind.
  14. Here's hoping "joints" kill you within 5 days from posting your twat post.......
  15. £47.59 Call me now.
  16. Careful Guzzles, that's bordering on capitalism
  17. It sounds top me that both you and your'e mate are complete **********. Unless of course your'e a chief stoker on a bomber just trying to wind people up.
  18. We all new how to spot those who had to much to drink, and out in the field only an idiot would carry a case of ale with them, but the person with some small light wait pills, powders or potions that hid their use from everyone are much hard to spot thus an hidden unknown potential danger. But all this banter is just B'S as a zero tolerance on drug use means just that if detected the Ops mate would be out
  19. 'Drugs', as I'm sure you are aware, is a pretty broad term. Caffine, Alcohol, Amphetamines, Opiates, I dunno, I'm no expert, but I do know (thanks little brother) that many ways of 'being on drugs' ((c) Daily Mail) are highly visible to anyone who has the faintest idea of what they are looking for. This generalisation of legal/illegal drugs is a joke.

    Just to clarify any perceived bias, I drink alcohol to (BMA) excess, do not smoke, avoid prescription drugs unless put back on the happy pills, and haven't touched 'illegals' for many a year.

    As I say, not expert, but this vague term 'on drugs' is really silly. If you were unaware that you were passing a weapon to someone smacked off their head you really do need to develop your observational skills. Sorry, 'one', not you personally.

    In sum' :glasses3:, 'on drugs' is a pointless term, and though many may disagree with my sentiments, I'm sure those 'ITK' will appreciate that what I say is pretty much factual.

    Regards 'very tired and alcoholed' Guzzler.

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