Druggies hit by deadly illness.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jimmy_Green, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. "Two cocaine users in Glasgow have become the first in the UK to be treated for a rare and life-threatening condition, linked with taking the drug."


    Am I alone in thinking; "Fcuk 'em, the drug taking parasitic crime and misery causing dregs of society deserve exactly this and hopefully the rest of the cnuts will follow in the same way"?
  2. Nope - your not alone at all. :thumbleft:
  3. Totally, haven't read the article but guess they were treated by the NHS... what a joke? They should be refused or have to bloody well pay for the treatment! But then again if they had to pay there would be an increase in the idiots like the one that broke into my car to fund their habit. Can't sodding win. Fcuk em' all I say- am I bitter about it- hell fcuking yes I am!!
  4. If it was my call, all druggies with get a 9mm to the back of their heads.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, so you all assume that anyone who uses drugs does not pay tax/National Insurance, and therefore has no right to receive any treatment on the NHS? Do you advocate that anyone with an addiction (alcohol, spending, etc.) should also be exterminated with extreme prejudice? Of course not. Not all drug users are a drain on society; many continue to have a reasonably normal life while holding down a job, supporting their family... ditch the stereotype and do some research before making irrational comments based on opinion rather than fact.
  6. Interesting assertion Sgt PB. Do you have any facts to support them. (That is the bit about them living a normal life, supporting families and working). The last time I checked, drug taking was a criminal offence. Not so cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking nor spending.
  7. If that was the case then shouldn't the same be said for smokers who know all the risks yet continue to pollute their lungs? Everyone makes mistakes and people can change their ways.
  8. In my experience working in A&E it is fairly common to see what we deem as normal people who have been admitted due to taking recreational drugs. Therefore SPB is to an extent correct in what he says and that it is widespread across social barriers
  9. Exactly what do you mean by "recreational" drugs. They are either illegal or legal.
  10. Obama had written in his first book, "Dreams From My Father" (1995), before entering politics, that he had used marijuana and cocaine ("maybe a little blow"). He said he had not tried heroin because he did not like the pusher who was trying to sell it to him.
    In an interview here at a meeting of the American Society of Magazine Editors, Obama said he was not making light of the subject.

    "It was reflective of the struggles and confusion of a teenage boy," he said. "Teenage boys are frequently confused."

  11. So, if Obama had of liked the pusher selling Heroin, presumable he would have tried it. Week minded prat, like all other illegal drug users.
  12. OK, two wildly divergent elements to that contribution.

    To address the first part, many users of recreational drugs do live perfectly normal lives. Work, support families and make a meaningful contribution to society. Cocaine in particular appears to be more widely used by those who can afford to fund their own habits than those who have to resort to crime to fund them.

    The fact that it's illegal is largely irrelevant to whether they can fund it or not, if we were to refuse NHS treatment for everyone who may have contracted a condition due to illegal activity then we could save a hel of a lot of health funding. Would you advocate refusing to treat the driver of a car who had been driving at 75 on the motorway?

    Whilst I have little sympathy for those who choose to indulge in substance abuse they do make a risk based decision, in the same way that I choose to take risks when I'm climbing. It's not a huge leap to move from refusing to treat on the basis of legality to refusing to treat because one doesn't follow government guidelines on various things known to demand significant NHS resource; alcohol and smoking to name but two.
  13. REcreational drugs such as Cocaine, ecstasy etc. I'm not a great lover of druggies either but the fact remains that its my job to take care of them when they have had an adverse reaction to them.
  14. I am not supporting the cessation of NHS assistance to anyone. However I do have a problem with casual references to self styled idiots who refer to their illegal activity as "recreational" drug taking. It is either legal or not. Ability to afford the habit is superfluous. Those idiots who continue an illegal drug activity can not claim to have a "normal" life and are potentially putting their own, their family, my and my family and everyone elses lives at risk.
    If it was a legal activity, like smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol or spending (Karma note that this is the link and
    is incorrect) then I would have to put up or shut up, but it is not.
  15. Its called recreational drug taking because it is done in the persons free-time I.E in a bar, club etc. The main drugs of choice for this tend to be Cocaine and tablets such as Ecstasy etc.
  16. Just listen to yourselves it sounds like nazi ideology, if someone has a defect eliminate them, whatever happened to the milk of human kindness? Alcoholism and drug addiction are not career choices and no one intentionally
    sets out to become one. In my day in the Andrew there was no shortage of drunkards in all ranks (probably still the same now) and none of us wished them dead. Even in those days help was at hand in the form of rehabilitation at Netley then Haslar. I was once told by someone who had attended the said course that the best part was the end of course piss-up.
  17. So you're suggesting that anyone who either engages in illegal activity or puts their own, their family, my and my family and everyone elses lives at risk is unable to claim to have a normal life (whatever that is)?
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    BREAKING NEWS: Finknottle posts a comment without making a reference to Scotland/the Royal Family/etc... :shock:
  19. No, Karma, I'm not saying "anyone who either engages in illegal activity or puts their own, their family, my and my family and everyone elses lives at risk is unable to claim to have a normal life (whatever that is)?" Those are your words and are mischieviously different to my words which were
    " Those idiots who continue an illegal drug activity can not claim to have a "normal" life and are potentially putting their own, their family, my and my family and everyone elses lives at risk."
    Please note the subtle difference.
    I do not accept that people who engage in an illegal drug taking activity live "normal" lives, but I accept that "normality" could be debated and discussed forever with no real agreement. Suffice to say that I find it unacceptable, hence my condemnation. Others may have different yardsticks to acceptability and whilst it does not necessarily make them bad people it is not a view I support.
  20. I'm with Icarus on this one.
    While I accept that many so called recreational drug users hold down responsible jobs there are many more who steal break the law and in many cases use violence to fund their habit.
    The police view is that a large percentage of crime is carried out by drug users to fund their habit.
    Surely it is time to test all apprehended criminals for banned substances.
    An automatic prison sentence which includes cold turkey drying out should be mandatory if banned substances are found to be present.

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