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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by roberto_86, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Im joining on Feb 7th at HMS Raleigh, im a little bit worried i may have some cannabis still in my system! Does anybody know if I will be tested on entry? Im guessing because its before I have joined i wouldnt be discharged for this?

    Advice would be much appreciated!

  2. Have you been smoking cannabis over Christmas?
  3. All i can say is and i know other people will be on here soon saying the same thing.
    If your serious about joining the RN you shouldnt be taking any drugs, the fact is that you do get tested in the RN.
    Just hope for the best!
  4. I think they do when u do your medical there.

    But it depends on how potent the cannabis is and how much you have been smoking, but it can leave your system between 3-90 days.
  5. I hope you get caught and thrown out. Bye
  6. Now that cannabis is a class C drug, you can't be thrown out of the Navy for taking it, you will more than likely just get a slap on the wrists.

    Actually that is a complete lie and I just made it up.

    What Jonno said, you filthy smack head.
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  7. I can not answer your question. But i have one of my own,

    Why would you smoke the stuff knowing you are joining the RN soon and knowing it may still be in your system?

    I think (someone correct me if i am wrong?), that every candidate gets asked about the RN's drug policy during their interview so you should be aware of the consequences.
  8. been nice knowing you son.
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  9. smoking cannabis in the first place is stupid, but doing it just before you join up is well more then stupid!
  10. Abit harsh dont you think, And its a class B now.
  11. Wow. Did you really wanna join the navy? Bit of a dum thing to do. I know a few lads going on your date, spoke to one today. Ill let them know, you not a good person to be around. :)
  12. No I don't think it is harsh in the slightest. Anyone who has a weak enough character to do drugs is not welcome in the Armed Forces.

    Thanks for the info on reclassification, I don't usually concern myself with such things as it doesn't affect me in any way whatsoever.
  13. It's dumb :D

    How long ago did you smoke it? And does it feel worth it now?
  14. as the song goes
    "i was gona join the navy but a got high,
    i was on my way to Plymouth but a got high,
    ive now fcuk my chances of joining the mob because i got high
    because i got high because i got high because i got high"
  15. I know it was a very stupid thing to do! I had a few too many beers over xmas and thought it was a good idea at the time. Ive never be one to get involved with drugs like some people do, ive had a smoke 2 or 3 times in my life time at the very most!!!

    Im here asking for advice not to be called smack head etc... we have all done stupid things in our lives!

    I didnt realise how long it can stay in your system for until afterwards.
  16. Well when I did my drugs and prohibited solvents course for the Ambulance service, and the Police force, we were always told that the residue from cannabis has every chance of being detectable in the blood for up to 17 weeks.
    If you use it live with it :evil: :wink:
  17. We may have all done stupid things in our lives, but not as stupid as you. I might be going over the top, but i hate crackheads.
  18. Yh how long ago did u spoke cannabis, and was it a couple of tokes, a hole spliff, weed or skunk?

    And there not guna give you a bleed test.
  19. Are you unwell?
  20. No not yet i start my Basic training Febuary 28th.
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