Drug smuggling juveniles !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by HORNBLOWER, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. :threaten: :toilet: Been trawling the RR Forums for anything relating to those two girls nicked in Africa in possession of a quantity of Class A drugs and couldn't find anything so here goes ......................................The version I have heard which seems to be supported by various stories coming out is that these two 16 yr olds travelled to Africa on a freeby, failed to tell their parents where they were going infact I believe they told a porky on that one, got paid or were offered £3,000 in their back pockets to carry a couple of laptops back to the UK. Now, call my old fashioned but even to your average 16 yr old anywhere your going to get suspicious are you not ? Then take into account these two girls are from the big smoke, they have to be innocent little darlings don't they ?

    Of course, turn on BBC News 24 and what do you get, some bleeting old tart from the save the whale brigade twotting on about how 'vulnerable' these two girls are and 'we've just got to get out there with some money for them' cause the jail is shite and, I fell off my chair when I heard this one............." Why were they arrested in Africa, they should have been allowed home before being arrested", I ask you, so they can get fckin bail probably and then end up doing community service instead of some quality time in an African jail.

    Tell me if I'm being harsh cause I know you will but I hope that someone agree's with me. HB :tp:

  2. Totally agree mate , no fxxxxxxxxxg sympathy whatsoever , I hate these drug traffickers who when caught expect all the help we can give , do the crime then do the time as they say , we willnever solve it coz we are far to lenient , I would give any trafficker or pusher a minimum of 15 years and they would serve it ,
  3. Agree 100% . When you see the damage drugs do it is difficult to feel any sympathy for carriers . Punishment # 1
  4. I do like the Singapore approach, if you have a sufficient quantity for dealing, its the death penalty. No messing about and the sentance is carried out soon after trial, saves on prison costs. Sod your bleeding heart appeals, the warning is issued before you travel and on the aircraft (although a bit late then!).
  5. I think it didn't get commented on earlier as all RR are likely to be in total agreement. Leave 'em rot!
  6. No thats cruel you cannot leave these two little darlings in Prison.

    I would like to see a Government tackle this problem head on - your caught smuggling drugs and you claim they own use or whatever your excuse - punishment has to fit crime

    Crime - You have been caught smuggling drugs
    Punishment = Smuggler takes ALL drugs found in your possesion

    If you survive, your free to go
  7. Why oh why do we always have this save the whale brigade shite thrown out all the time!!

    We are not all left wing one eyed one armed terrorist supporting lesbo/gay paedo shite most of us are law abiding tax paying individuals who care for the planet and the creatures we share with it!

    Back to the original story.

    The latest ones to face the firing squad in Indonesia are so so sorry[for being caught of course] and want to return home one to care for his widowed mother. Should have thought about that when he tried the quick way to get rich and screw other lives up.

    We all know the teenagers of today are wide awake try moving them on and hear the response. "Touch me and I will sue"

    Sorry no can help! Why spend money and resources on these two when the NHS service has a shortage of life saving scanners and other equipment.

    If they where freed another pot of gold awaits from the dailies Our hell in prison shite.
  8. So pleased everyone is of the same opinion on this one , I hate druggies & the menace they are to society , lock up the bloody liberal elite with them & let us see how they support them then
  9. ukdaytona. A totally fair solution with an added bonus; you don't have a shed load of illegal and dangerous substance to dispose of. Might be a good idea to ensure that the crem' isn't upwind of any pop festival or peace camp, though.
  10. Totally agree. However, I bet the little dears get home rapid to do their bird, which will be cut down to about 28days. :pukel:
  11. Why waste money on a crem when a good old lime pit will do - just think of the savings to the tax payer :afro:
  12. If they knew about it on their ever so slight detour they should face life. That goes for anyone selling/importing narcotics, I spent far too much of my youth watching the effects of druggies on whole communities and normal decent people.
  13. I agree with all the opinions stated. They know that the police can't touch them here and probably thought the same applies in Ghana. Surely no-one not even 16 year olds believes that you can have £3000 and a holiday for nothing. They deserve whatever the court over there decides and I hope it is a harsh sentence which may act as a deterrent to others.
  14. I say a little "Midnight Express" should be the order of the day... :thumright: (not quite up to Hilton standards but oh well).. :threaten:
  15. Cant do the time,dont do the crime.
  16. Girls: "But I'm British"
    Ghanian Justice: "This ain't the good old UK! This is Ghana! It's a ******* accident here if you're innocent! There ain't nobody here is innocent!"

    Such a classic film. Prison how it should be (well for those guilty of drugs, murder those kind of offences)
  17. :toilet: (Why oh why do we always have this save the whale brigade shite thrown out all the time!!)
    Sorry about that but it helps me to put people in little boxes, moaning, tree hugging dyke save the whale types go into a box, the one I described, sorry if that offends !

    Re all the other comments so far, fckin brilliant, restored my faith in humans once more. Flog em and hang em I say. :tp:

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